IN, Single, Or Complicated–Nikki’s Take on Updating Your FB Relationship Status

Facebook is a funny thing, I tell ya. If you’re not grounded, you’ll be inundated with people’s convoluted philosophies on life. I find that most statuses are good for entertainment. But I wanted to touch base on relationship statuses, and when I believe they should be updated.

For one, you know how we do (men and women alike). We are in and out relationships, official and unofficial, as soon as we can find our lovers at fault … for anything. With that said, wouldn’t it make sense to only change your status until it’s been at least 6 months? By then, you’ve gotten through your honeymoon stage. Ladies, you should’ve learned just how he keeps house and monitored mother-son relationship dynamics. On the latter, you should keep watch of its stability; that’s a strong indicator of how stable your relationship with him will be like. And men, you would’ve investigated her money management skills long before you’ve changed that status. Six months down the line, all parties should know if the person you’re ‘seeing’ has enough life skills and career alignment to be in a committed relationship in the first place. And you would’ve, if you’re paying attention, already assessed what behavioral patterns are favorable and or problematic. Yes?

Secondly, you SHOULD always change your status to ‘married’ when you are legally married or been binded through life partnership, whatever applies. Not making such legal information visible and open to the public is just suspect. Just what kind of operation are you running on FB if you can’t tell the world that you’re married? And we all know some people go crazy about their significant others. I don’t want to be caught dead in a situation like that. Futhermore, the slightest glance at another woman may land you a full week on the couch or worst. It’s my opinion that if you refuse to divulge necessary information, you’re lying by omission. A lie is still a lie. This ultimately is a red flag ladies (and gents).

Lastly, the relationship status I love the most is “it’s complicated.’ Is it really? And why would you want the world to know that there’s a crack in your foundation? Just clean it up. Take care of your business behind close doors and stop tipping off the jumpoffs. Yeah, I said it. You’re tipping off those who are looking for the least imperfection to jump in and give it a try for themselves. Unless it’s completely over, don’t broadcast this status. Everyone who is your friend on FB isn’t your friend.

Well, that concludes my advice on when to update FB relationship statuses. It seems like common sense. But we all know common sense ain’t all that common!

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