Is the Sanctity of Marriage Still Relevant?

This weekend, I discovered some married women who seemed to be in ‘open’ unions. “That’s all I’m gonna say.” Their flamboyant and overt demeanor suggested two things to me: 1) They are extremely young and 2) Marriage is an alienated thought for them both. I was totally wrong on both accounts. They both expressed to me that they are, indeed, married while they openly flirted with some guys sitting next to me.

Without revealing too much of their situation and who they are, I wanted to address my audience. Where has the sanctity of marriage gone? Is it still relevant and necessary. We all know that it’s functional to a point of legality, but what about its sanctity?

The traditions of marriage proposals have taken a turn from the conventional. We’ve witnessed ‘Chrissy’ from Love and Hip Hop propose to her man–rapper Jim Jones–just weeks ago. And there are women out there who share the same sentiments: “why wait for them (guys) to propose?” I concur that you shouldn’t be waiting for any man to give you anything you feel that you deserve especially after you’ve expressed your values repeatedly. In other words, just how many times must you have this conversation without obtaining the fruits of it? In these conversations, you gotta watch your mate’s gestures, from the way he/she twist their mouths, to diction (what words did he/she say?). And most importantly, how did you feel once the conversation concluded? If you cannot rely on your communication analysis, you can always rely on your intuition. If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t. You’ll know whether or not your mate is interested in marriage, their thoughts on marriage, and even if they want to marry you, based on your conversations and intuition. So there’s no need to force a proposal that is unwanted. (Wow, I just gave you the mama tone.)

Call me a conservative, but the sanctity of marriage is still validated by God. Need I say more? That’s just my opinion, but I’m always open to hear others and your rationality behind it. I’ve always wondered on what terms does God grant you a divorce? Is it as immediate (relative as it might be) as the legal filings?

Well enough about what I think! What about you? What do you think? Do you believe the sanctity of marriage is still relevant in today’s society? Is it still functional? Or is marriage an alienated thought for you too?


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