Tour Kanvas Lounge-See Artsy Video

Uptown Upscale Martini Lounge
Good day, Panachers!! I’m introducing you to one of my new favorite spots in Charlotte–Kanvas. I’m always looking for the hottest, coolest ish around. And recently I found this place. What I like most are their drinks. Whatever, I’ll admit: “I’m a lush.” Lucky for you, this ‘Lush’ has great taste. Check out their martini list, stiff or strong, it can be shaken or stirred to your taste. See you there next time.

The venue is now booking for corporate retreats, meetings, and other special occasions.
Wed – Sat, 6p-2a
525 e 6th Street, #117
Charlotte, NC
Al Moore (704) 293-1133

Just underneath Court 6

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