Fantasy Football Draft Help: Top Ten Quarterbacks

After much of the turmoil of the lockout has subsided the time for Fantasy Football is here. Today, I will give my rankings for the top ten Fantasy Quarterbacks of upcoming NFL season. I play Fantasy Football every year and always end up in the playoffs. I do not win the championship every year but I am competitive every year. That being said I thought I could offer some insight into Fantasy Football drafts this year. Listed below are my top ten Fantasy Quarterbacks for the upcoming season.

Top Ten Fantasy Quarterbacks
1. Tom Brady
2. Michael Vick
3. Aaron Rodgers
4. Phillip Rivers
5. Drew Brees
6. Peyton Manning
7. Matt Ryan
8. Ben Rothlisberger
9. Tony Romo
10. Matt Schaub

Now after seeing my top ten I know people are wondering why Tom Brady over Vick. While Vick is the most electrifying player in the NFL and will probably go to the Super Bowl this year, he also has a tendency to suffer injuries. I also predict that there will be a bit more of a balanced attack in the Eagles camp this year with Lesean Mccoy and Ronnie Brown in the backfield. Tom Brady on the other hand hardly ever goes down due to injury, has a new receiver in Chad Ochocinco to stretch the field, and always puts up impressive numbers every game. Brady’s numbers should increase and the Patriots running game is still not a huge threat. All of this brings me to the conclusion the Patriots are going to throw the ball early and often.

The Super Bowl Champion Aaron Rodgers comes in at number 3 but do not let that fool anyone. Rodgers will get back his favorite target in Jermichael Finley. The Packers will also have their lead running back Ryan Grant returning to the field this season. This means that’s the Packers attack will have more of a balance this year. Rodgers will have a greater focus on a short passing game with Finley back and the Packers will pound opposing defenses with Grant. Rodgers numbers will be good but not near the numbers he managed to put up a year ago.

The Quarterbacks I have ranked at position four , five and six will have similar numbers to a year ago. Drew Brees numbers might dip a bit as the saints try to implement Mark Ingram. Depending how effective Ingram is, will determine if Brees will return to his old form or have his numbers reduced. Peyton Manning may have to miss some playing time to recover completely from his recent surgery. If all goes well Manning will start week 1, if not the Colts may hold Manning out a couple of weeks at the beginning of the season to make sure he is fully recovered. If drafting Peyton Manning make sure to have a backup plan in case Manning has to miss time at the beginning of the seaosn. Matt Ryan may have the best year of his career. This all depends as to whether Julio Jones can live up to the hype. If Julio Jones is worth all Atlanta gave up to acquire him then the Falcons will have an increased passing attack. This bodes well for Ryan and his numbers for 2011 Fantasy Football season.

The last three on my list are almost all interchangeable. Ben Rothlisberger will do what he does every year. He will put up good to impressive fantasy numbers. All of the Steelers receiving corps returns and is ready for the 2011 campaign. I would draft Rothlisberger with confidence and ride the Steelers wave. Reports are that Tony Romo is recovered and ready to play at the start of the season. However, I have to see Romo in a game before I believe that he is truly ready to go. In addition, once a player suffers an injury such as Romo did, there is always a chance for re-injury. I would be cautious in drafting Tony Romo as my number one quarterback. Matt Schaub always puts up some amazing games and then sometimes he has some average games. The Houston Texans do not have a true identity to their offensive scheme. A person can never tell if they are a passing team or a running team. It is hard to know whether Schaub will throw 30 times or if the Texans will hand off the ball to Arian Foster 30 times. Once the Texans determine what kind of offensive team they are, we will be able to determine if Schaub’s fantasy numbers will rise or fall. For this reason, it is hard to rank Schaub any higher than number ten on the list.

Hope this list helps everyone in their upcoming Fantasy Football drafts. I know everyone is excited to build a championship fantasy team. It should be not only an interesting but also a great year for Fantasy Football. Let the victories and losses begin.


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