Football and More Football

The punishment for Ndamukong Suh has been finally delivered and Suh will receive a ban of two games. Ndamukong Suh may be only one player but he is the leader of not only the Detroit Lions defense but also the overall team. Suh has changed the identity of the Detroit Lions from a laugh stock to a team that was respected. However, now Detroit is truly labeled the “Bad Boys” of the NFL and they have been give the identity of a team who plays dirty. No excuse can be given that justifies Ndamukong Suh stomping on another player because he is frustrated. I have no problem with a player playing hard but when a player starts to take cheap shots at other players, the player’s team should take some measures to keep that player under control. Ray Lewis is similar to Suh in the passion he has for the game. Ray Lewis plays with the same type of dominance Suh does in each game. Yet I cannot remember the last time I saw Ray Lewis do anything like Suh did on Thanksgiving Day. Ray Lewis plays hard, fast but keep his play clean. Ndamukong Suh may want to take some lessons from Ray Lewis on how to channel his anger and frustration in the right direction.

On a more positive note the Green Bay Packers are looking more and more like the greatest team in NFL History. The Packers look like they will go undefeated as I cannot see that there is any team that can beat them. When teams play the Green Bay Packers it truly reminds me of college football. The reason it reminds me of college football is because the Green Bay Packers play on a level that is so much higher than any other NFL team. On any given Sunday, a team comes to play the Green Bay Packers and before long the Green Bay Packers are up with a lead and never look back. If anyone wants to see an amazing, no mistake team in action, just watch a game with the Green Bay Packers. Barring an injury to Aaron Rodgers I do not see how the Green Bay Packers can lose a game this season. The Packers are truly poetry in motion to watch.

We return back to college football to finish off this week’s post. I am convinced that we will have a rematch for the national championship game. Looks like LSU and Alabama will be the two teams playing for the national championship, barring a defeat of LSU in the SEC championship game. If LSU loses to Georgia in the SEC championship game, they will be bumped from BCS National title game. In the BCS polls, when you lose is just as important as to who you lose to. A loss for LSU would be catastrophic to their national title hopes. I doubt that this scenario will actually take place though, because LSU has been looking like the most dominant team all year long. The only other way we do not see the LSU and Alabama rematch is if Oklahoma State defeats Oklahoma this week and then Oklahoma State jumps Alabama in the polls. Even if Oklahoma State wins I do not see them surpassing Alabama to get an opportunity at the national title game. A defeat of a number ten nationally ranked team is just not enough for Oklahoma State to make the jump over Alabama. I am all for a rematch of the LSU and Alabama game. The last game was exciting with all the plays one would expect in a BCS national championship game. The rematch should even be more entertaining with each team having over a month to plan for the other team. We should be in for one of the most exciting games of the year.

Football is gearing up for some great finishes this year. The NFL playoffs should be exciting as some unexpected teams are going to make the playoffs for the first time in a few years. In addition, all the college bowl games should provide us with some great matchups over the holiday season. We have a great deal of good football to look forward to over the next few months as the start of the post season nears. Our football excitement meter should once again be on high

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