Meet The Writer Who Co-Wrote Rihanna’s “Cockiness”–@DEMJOINTZ

We Called It “Suck My Cockiness.” Guess they thought it was a bit too much . . lol

Recently, Rihanna’s latest album “Talk that Talk” owned the number 3 spot on Billboard Top 200 Album list. Her very showy display of raunchiness and “hoo-rah” for sex exploration doesn’t miss a beat or note … Thanks to her producers and writers.

Exhibit A–“Cockiness.” Here, in this song, we are mesmerized by a play on words … Mmmhmmm … Silently whispers “suck my cock-iness, lick my puss-sway-shun … Ohhh!!”

Now if you ask me, Rihanna has only been with (clears throat) you-know-who … She’s still a very respectable young woman in my eyes (pedestal begins to rock)

But where is she getting all this raunchiness from? Does she have a new man? Or are we being duped by awesome writers trickin’ on her lyrics? We need answers.

Luckily, managed to connect with Producer/Songwriter Dem Jointz, tapping into his writing experience for the best track on Rihanna’s album–“Cockiness.”

With Dem Jointz and Candace Pillay’s lyrics fired up with Bangladesh signature screaming foreigner (lol), “Cockiness” has much oomph … To … Get … You … Going … Read on to what Dem Jointz had to say.

Recently, you co-wrote “Cockiness,” a kinky sex song that debut on Rihanna’s recent album release—Talk that Talk. Can you tell me about that writing experience?

Great Experience!! We were presented with the opportunity via Bangladesh. He gave Candice Pillay & I the beat In LA. We loved the beat off top and just started playing around with ideas. Bang walked in the studio and asked if we had anything so far. So I Go “I Love It, I Love It, I Love It When U Eat It” Candice joins in with “Yum Yum Yum Yum.” We were just playing around …wasn’t seriously considering the idea. HE LOVED IT!!

Few days later I was in the car running errands and it hit me. “Suck My Cockiness Lick My Persuasion” I immediately called Candice. “I NEED U HERE!! MEET ME AT THE STUDIO IN 30.” I tried to pre record the idea, so I wouldn’t lose it. I sounded crazy!!! Candice saw the vision, however, and on the spot wrote the 2nd verse … We knew it was the one!! Everything else is history!!!

Who’s idea was it to name it “Cockiness” and why?

We Called It “Suck My Cockiness.” Guess they thought it was a bit too much . . lol

What’s your favorite verse or stanza from the song?

2nd Verse, Candice caught on right away and took it there. I went crazy when she came with it . . YES YOU SEE IT!! YESSS!!

Would you have sex to this song? Just curious. Would it be to the bassline? Even more curious.

Yes!! I absolutely would! BASSLINE And all!! Lol Wait . . Since bang made the beat “Pause” lol!

I see that you produced a lot of Candace Pillay’s “Loveless” and Teedra Moses “Get Yours” feat Raheem DeVaughn. What other songs have you written?

I’ve co-written and produced / co-produced a few things. And a lot more down the pipeline.

And who are you working with now in the studio (artists, producers, etc)?

Besides Candice Pillay? Just focusing on the task at hand, but I am working with a great artist right now, “Ashley Xaviera.” I’m so excited to get back in the studio with her.

What artists, in your opinion, are hot right now and which of them would you like to work with?

Everyone!!! I’m just happy to have the opportunity!! Shout out to Bangladesh, DeShawn Kennedy, & Manger Denzil Foster

Tis’ the season for GIFTS!!!

What other musical gifts (talents) do you have?

I do it all!! beats, drums, vocal production, writing. I can hold a note somewhat (I think), even engineering . . Mr-One-Stop-Shop-Man!!!

What gift are you eager to give this season?

I want to give my sons iPads for Christmas.

Signing off, what advice would you give aspiring songwriters?
Don’t stop. Think outside the box, and attack your goal with confidence.

Also, here’s a song, Dem Jointz co-wrote/co-produced, Keke Wyatt’s “Unbelievable.” This is a beautiful ballad just right for the season. It’s on repeat over here. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Wanna find out more on DEM JOINTZ. Here’s his twitter @demjointz Special S/O @Demjointz for doing this interview. I appreciate you.


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