Top 5 Picks on #Netflix #Movies #TVShows

Are you home on a Saturday night? There’s nothing wrong with that. I hope you’ve got Netflix to break away from the day-to-day of your cable box. Sometimes I don’t want to see NeNe Leakes scheming nor do I enjoy seeing black women fight. So I hit the Net to find what else could be of interest. And Netflix knows me well, I apparently watch a lot of shows surrounded around supernatural beings and psychological thrillers. There are even classics that interest me like “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” It’s all on Netflix and more.

So aside from all the drama cable’s bringing you, I wanted to share a few undiscovered gems on the Net. Although, Netflix has taken a huge hit with their new underdeveloped venture—Qwikstar, there’s much to be enjoyed on Netflix.

Here are my Netflix picks for the week:

Damages: Glenn Close’s is a morally-challenged, mind-controlling attorney who is just down-right devious in this favorite of mine. Every move may or may not be to her benefit! Big city setting. I’ve fallen in love with Close all over again. Warning: this series is highly-addictive; sure-fire thriller.

The Gates: Supernatural. Vampires, lycans, and witches reside in a ritzy upscale gated community. Struggling to mind their own business, these supernatural housewives, bad ass kids, and nosey neighbors are stirring up trouble for the new cheif in town. All the characters are easy on the eyes. You’re sure to enjoy. Series.

The Perfect Host: Psychological Thriller. Actors David Hyde Pierce and Clayne Crawford star in this suspenseful film. Your opinion on assailants and victims will change with the twists and turns of this movie. You can’t trust nobody. Watch what happens when a stranger seeks help in the middle of nowhere. Movie.

Dirt: Courtney Cox is really turnt up in this series. A real cutthroat cougar, Cox exploits celebs’ personal lives in order to keep her career afloat. She’s the Tabloid Queen of Dirt Magazine. A few deaths, a schizophrenic photojournalist, and coke heads are sure to hold your attention. Series.

Love Jones: Black Romance. Expressions of black love and life’s imperfections pour all over the scenes. Set in Chicago, late 90s, Nia “Nina” Long and Larenz “Darius” Tate ride the waves of lust, love, and romance. Long, full, and close-up shots. Black and white cinematography. I can never get over Darius attempting to run down Amtrak. wtdta?

Saturday nights don’t have to be another re-run, and I’ve just showed you how. Watch one of my favorites and tell me all about it. 😉 Enjoy.


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