Pending Questions Inspired by Real Ppl in My Life

Instead of internalizing foolishness or blowing up every six months, I figured I’ll let it all out in my daily ASIDES! Today, here are five real questions I have for real people in my life. Let’s go!
1. Why after 5 years of being your alibi, sometimes at last minute, am I not invited to the wedding? 2. With your track record, why do you think I’m telling you to use more discretion? 3. Why does it take you 4 hrs to do something that I accomplish in 1 hr or less? Haven’t you been doing this for years? 5. Why do you use your business as leverage to lure and pick up women, meanwhile, complain about money? 6. Why don’t you use a damn coaster? 7. Do you know the Ginger-Bread Man? 8. Why is your weave hanging on to your dear life? 9. When you go to pet Charlie, why do you think your his best pal? 10. Why do you call me Rihanna? This list just made me laugh. You should too! Im back each and every day with more questions, quotes, and daily tips. Share with a friend.



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