“Ever Dated an Athlete?”

Him: “Ever dated someone high profile before?” Me: “Whats high profile?”

I honestly don’t like this question at all. It’s worst than asking me my thoughts on abortion. Really. It’s an evasion of my privacy, and you’re asking me this question based on a presumption. You’ve taken one look at me, sized me up, and you’re certain the answer is “yes.”

Deflecting from the question, I will ask, “What do you consider high profile?” and based on that answer, I’ll respond. I should make it clear that I never fancied any local team players. I can’t even name more than 5 Bobcats players or more than 2 Panthers players which is pathetic. I know, I know.

While I love basketball, my teams are the Celtics, Houston Rockets (remember their games in the 80s & 90s?), and I thoroughly enjoy watching Lebron James score.

Besides that, I’m not truly into sports or athletes. It’s just not my thing. These relationships appear to me to be short-lived and tumultuous. They’re flights of fancy …

And I’ve never been too enamored with anyone in the music industry besides Usher. He’s got style that speaks to me. Hah! This is a precursor to my Chris Brown fascination … still. I could belt out nearly any Usher song, on key.

So nope, no high profile dudes in my life.There really isn’t anything juicy to tell. Lol. I date regular dudes. There may have been a doctor; that’s all I’m giving you.

It just isn’t classy to kiss and tell even if I did. But I haven’t.

If there’s a high profile dude currently, he’d be that based on how awesome he treats me not his social status or pay grade. Got it?

This was the most interesting question that I was asked this past weekend, so I thought I share. I appreciate interesting convos, questions, and comments that may or may not catch me off guard.

Enjoy your Tuesday, Folk.

Aside: I bet someone in the background saying: “She lying.” lol Later!


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