Head Replays–“Will Someone Turn this Music Off?!”

Do you tend to hear the last song you’ve listened to replay in your head over and over again throughout the day? Like for instance, that last song Power 98 played just before you turned off your car … and during work, at a friend’s, at happy hour, you can just hear these lyrics haunting you … Notably, you can find appropriate placement for these lyrics in any conversation … talk about humor. Just imagine hearing “Girls Like You” replay as your best homeboy complains about his ole’ lady. And he wonders why he never gets to that next step. PAUSE. Anywho, I say all that to share with you famous head replays that get me through difficult conversations, annoying people, and humorous times. Hope you like. Paint your own picture at your discretion.

1. “Birthday Cake” No remix needed. Rihanna chants enough naughty lyrics to help me narrow down why you’re really talking to me right now. PAUSE.

2. “Thinking About You.” Have you heard Willow’s version? Her runs are everything.

3. “Rack City” I blame it on Power 98 because they play it so much. “10, 10, 10, 20s, and a 50s …” Stripper songs are downright distasteful. But this one’s too catchy for my own good. Oh well.

4. “Strip” Another relic of Breezy. This stripper song, on the contraire, is playful on all levels. The video makes all the difference. Ahhh Chris with his blonde hair. Moments of pleasure.

5. “Nobody’s Perfect” J Cole’s “cheese eggs and potatoes” line gets me going. #Fatgirl Vibes. “We rock the boat, Poseidon” <–nice Greek God reference. I likes. Furthermore, this is the new age of conscious rappers where they retain material swag yet spit lyrics that really matter, ones that call your self-governing rules into question. More about that later.

6. "Ambition" by Wale because drive is what some strive for … and what others just have. Love the lyric videos. Now I have no excuse. Wale at the Fillmore in NC this coming week #CIAA.

7. "Take Care" Drake and Rihanna house sampling keeps the party poppin'.

8. "It All Belongs to Me" by Monica and Brandy. If it's Nikkipanache's, it ALL belongs to me.

9. "Over My Dead Body" Drake. You gotta sing out, ring out your disappointments in love. When everything seems to be an illusion, a beautiful lie, and when perfect seems to have a time constraint, Drake comes to save the day. That's why we love 'em.

10. "Think Like a Man" Jennifer Hudson, Rick Ross and Ne-Yo This is so big city like. When I'm missing Jersey, this works. We're-going-through-the-tunnel-tunes. Do you see the bright lights?

Nonetheless, there's much humor and reality in most songs we listen to. Sure they minister to our spirits … realities we live and will continue to live each and every day. Can you think of head replay song or lyric? Share them with me.


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