NFL: No Luck Is Neeeded, It Is All About RG3

I know that the next NFL season is far away in the future but it is never too early to start to think about some events that will have major implications on the upcoming season. One event that could change a team’s fortune for next season is the NFL Draft. The Draft is where teams can find players to build their teams around or a key player that can take a team to the next level.

Luck  is the clear cut choice of the Indianapolis Colts, but has the fascination died down?

The Indianapolis Colts are betting the farm that Andrew Luck is the next great quarterback phenomenon. The Colts have already said that Andrew Luck is their man and they are going after him with the first pick. Andrew Luck could very well live up to all the hype and the Colts will have proven they know a good quarterback when they see one.

Robert Griffin III ran a 4.41, 40-yard Dash time, did I mention Griffin is a quarterback?

However, another player may have even greater talent than Andrew Luck. This player might even have a more successful NFL career than Andrew Luck. Robert Griffin III or RG3 could prove that he is the best quarterback in this year’s draft.Griffinhas already won the Heisman this past year and recently RG3 wowed everyone with a 40 yard dash time of 4.41. To put this in perspective receivers are praised for having that kind of speed and Robert Griffin III is a quarterback. If Michael Vick is fast, Robert Griffin III is blazing with a capital B.

In addition, Robert Griffin III has proven that he is not only an accurate but has the arm to throw any deep pass he desires. Griffin may not make every throw but when the game is on the line, very few quarterbacks in this year’s NFL Draft class can match up to Griffin’s ability to come out on top. Andrew Luck is a once in a lifetime talent but it is safe to say Robert Griffin III is also the kind of quarterback we will not likely see again.

Which  NFL team tunnel will RG3 be running out of this upcoming NFL season?

NFL teams have seen Robert Griffin III’s resume and everyone likes what they see. Quite a few teams are willing to give up multiple draft picks to trade up just to obtain the services of RG3. The St.Louis Rams are more than willing to trade the second pick of the NFL Draft to the right suitor and make one team very happy to have a new franchise quarterback. The Cleveland Browns and Washington Redskins seem like the most likely places for a deal to be worked out. Cleveland and Washington have the most to offer St. Louis for their number two draft pick. That is not to say other teams will not make attractive offers. However, Cleveland and Washington are the only teams able to reach the current asking price in full. The St.Louis Rams know that they hold an Ace up their sleeve in the pick that can be used to obtain RG3. The Rams have a great deal of needs and aim to use their ace to put a dent in a long list of needs.

Clear Proof that the shiny “Lucky” coin has lost it’s luster and shine.

This time last year, all the world could talk about is Andrew Luck, now the “Luck Phenomenon” has died down. Enter now the age of the Robert Griffin III infatuation. Luck has become old news. We know which team Luck is going to land on. We know when Andrew Luck is getting picked. Luck’s story up until draft day is written in stone. Robert Griffin III’s story just keeps growing more every day. What will the end of the chapter before the complete book is written. Only time will tell…


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