China, Blended Not Stirred–Early Morning Vision

A Blizzard to get me slizzard!!!

You know China has got to me on my places to move list. Now some of my friends who’ve been says it overcrowded and that the streets are trashed. Sounds like my other favorite place–New York City.

And when you look on the upside, New York City has a world-influential fashion industry, Wall Street, Chinatown, the Meat Packing District, and Soho! Now to tell you each place’s significance just seems redundant. You already know.

China has got to have some of the same qualities plus the Great Wall. How can one beat that?

And just yesterday, I learned that Warren Buffet–Berkshire Hathaway (synonymously used here)–has put Dairy Queens in China. “Bygod, that’s all I need.” Reportedly, the Green Tea Blizzard is best selling. I wonder what their alcohol laws are … I’ll need two jiggers in my blizzard to keep me slizzardddd …

And to fight the hangover, I could venture to the nearest Walmart, which may assist in sweating out the alcohol and burning off calories, to pick up some BC powder. You think they got BC powder in China? Or something better? “Bygod, that’s all I’ll need.”


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