My Healthy Living

Cranky much these days? These are 3 things I continue to do in order stay in a good mood, stay fit, and stay focused.

1) Prayer/Meditation–A talk with God, my God, about my relationship with Him, my dreams and aspirations, etc, keeps me sane. Once it’s out there in the Universe, the Universe can began acting on it on my behalf. The same goes for you. Speak life.

2) Exercise–It’s my theory that fat is just stored up stress. And if that’s not true, these two are correlated variables. Exercise helps me burn off stress and maintain my “favorable” figure. An all-round WIN.

3) Eating Right–Ever feel bogged down, heavy, once you’ve eaten a burger midday? It can be quite a challenge to stay productive just afterwards. I believe we call that the “-itis.” Instead of burgers, I might opt for chicken, seafood, or my favorite Bolthouse smoothies.


These are a few ways I stay “pulled-together.” There are others, and I’m sure you have your own. Feel free to share them here


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