Crimson & Gold: Outdoor Living in the Making

Tis’ the season for outdoor living. Have you begun fixing up your patio? Is it time for a new look that makes way for the chirping birds, laughter, peace and serenity, an ambiance made perfect for outdoor living?!!

It is in my neck of the woods. Here in the Carolinas, we’re experiencing sunny 80-degree weather. Lured by the heat, I was anxious to get outside … and live … even if it was just on my balcony. Hah!

And to welcome the season, I started building upon my outdoor space.

I haven’t set a theme, and I probably won’t. I tend to work better with grabbing pieces that speak to my creative energy.

I also like hi-energy colors–reds, oranges, and golds. And I love patterns–paisleys, florals, shapes and so forth. So here’s a peek of what I’ve done with my patio thus far. If you like reds and golds, you’ll probably like this.

Reds and Golds. This outdoor living will be fit for a Queen ... Phase 1.

More pics and developings to follow. I said it will only be a PEEK. 🙂

Some of the things I used to build my space include: tea light citronella candles, antique green vase, an iron table, an old patterned rug, and fabric patio chairs (not pictured).


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