My Top 3 on Netflix

1. Flashpoint–A Strategic Response Team responds to a host of situations where desperate individuals take matters into their own hands. Which one’s the target? A corrupt politician or a kidnapped hostage held against her own will for 8 years? You have to watch and see. My favorite episode is the one where the father fights for his daughter’s heart, literally. (Action. Guns. Police)

2. The Chicago Code–I smell a sleazy politician who has turned Chicago into his personal playground. Watch to see if he’s caught or not by Chicago’s first female Lieutenant. (Action. Corruption. Police)

3. Archer–This adult cartoon delivers satire, punchlines, and more, back to back. Ladies’ man Archer has trouble dealing with his boss who is also his controlling mother. These are adult situations and adult content. Not for children (under the age of 18) in my opinion. Good writing. (Cartoon. Adult. Explicit Content)


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