Serial Dater: Actual Pull-quotes from Dates

Below are actual pull-quotes stated by men … during recent dates. Lol. Comedy or tragedy? You be the judge. However, I must say I appreciated their efforts to make me smile or laugh. Enjoy.

Quote 1

“Sexy, intelligent dark chocolate femininity wrapped in a red carpet-ready dress of elegance.”

The above is my all-time favorite one. Just the “dark chocolate” portion is hot! You know dark chocolate is good for your health? I’m just saying. Good use of adjectives.

Quote 2
“Oh you’re a writer? I used to write Haiku poems back in da day. What’s that 5 stanzas?”

He tried. A Haiku poem has three lines. First line comprised of 5 syllables. Second line has 7. Last line has five syllables as the first.

Whether they’re trying to impress you or cuff you, there isn’t much men won’t say … Or do!! 🙂 And even though, we, women, might find their sayings and philosophies silly, I’m sure we can agree that their sincerity is part endearing.


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