Confessional Time–Wiz-Wondering What’s Going On with Life & Love

Confessional: I subscribed to the “TaylorGangEnt” channel on Youtube last fall. You can’t deny it, even if you don’t like his music, this dude is just fun to watch … him and the rest of the Taylor Gang. Furthermore, I found the perfect Wiz Khalifa song for this moment in life. Wiz croons … I can imagine his tall frame, kicked back, crisp tee, fresh kicks, singing this tune, while ‘lifted.’ Can’t you?

Well, have a listen already. By the way, the “TaylorGangEnt” channel is NOT PG 13, so go at it at your own risk. That’s my PANACHE disclaimer. I’ll check back with you guys later on this week for more updates and entertainment.


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