Erykah Badu’s Flaming Lips Video Review–Lets Procreate Already!!!

Erykah Badu has done it again. You remember the notoriously nude scenes in Window Seat video that is NSFW (btw)?

Well venture your eyes on Badu’s new video Flaming Lips. Artistic? Sure. Naked female bodies, Erykah Badu’s and her younger sister maneuver through gobs of what seems to be blood, “white stuff,” and glitter in a tight claw foot bath tub. All images symbolizes and reiterates Badu’s belief in the Creator and our main purpose–to procreate.

The glitter, for me, is symbolic of the Big Bang Theory, a collision of stars which Evolutionists believed started life on Earth. However, Badu takes that idea and lends personal value, two bodies colliding; hence, the whipping and spanking action.

Water, Blood and Semen are three liquids here that represent life and sustainability.

Though, you may have failed to interpret a similar meaning.

The images direct us to sex! I loves it, Badu. Lets have a few looks. These are snapshots from the video.




Link to video on


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