My Gentle-Man Caller Comes Forth with Truth

Ok; this morning he is the not so persecuted gentleman caller. I know. Don’t call me a sucker for love just yet because I …

1) Explained to him that when things are important to me, they should be important to him

… And that’s exactly how I treat his interests. Fortunate for me, I was able to provide an example to prove my point. For men, I’ve learned long ago that examples are important. They’ve got to see the picture in order to get it!

2) I received some truth which was sufficient in this case. So I’m not trippin’ about that. And in this instance, I explained the importance of building a trust circle. He agreed. Then I received confirmation of what I already suspected. As juicy as this truth is; it could complicate things if not careful.

Oooh I’ve got your wheels turning now. Win!!! And …

3) Well 3 is the magic number, so I had to use it. Lol. No, I’m kidding. At the end of our heart-to-heart, I was satisfied with the peace that was made between us. So we’re moving on, happily.

Ok, so that’s my follow up on my gentleman caller. Have you any questions?! Comments?! Holler at me. 😉


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