Where Hip Hop Consummates Art! — Kanye West “Mercy” Music Video Review

With stimuli and alluded surrealism, Kanye West’s “Mercy” video makes my Top 5 easily.

This Mahjong Tiles of a video has visual-sound -gasms that can lasts for days. While only in black and white, these effects keep you focused, engaged and begging for more … mmmmMercy!

When you began viewing this music video, I bet you assume that Lamborghini MurciƩlago is the primary focus. Think again. The director cleverly kept the Lambos as a backdrop, not a forefront, emphasizing the talent over the product the single endorses. Thereby, making a big statement that the artists carry far more value than the Lambos they speak about.

Do you remember Hitchcock’s doubling effect? If you aren’t into Hitchcock, here’s a good time to do some research on his movie-making techniques, what I call “H” elements. Doubling usually refers to a character playing dual roles. The director incorporates such story-telling mechanic, visually, in “Mercy.” It’s strikingly on-point. Multiplicity, the movie, was directed primarily using this effect, just to name another example.

“Mercy” has multiple meanings: while it brags on Lambos and such, it’s also a ‘stuntin’ track. Kanye gives you more reason to be disgusted with him, for his money affords him this luxury that which you cannot. That alone will have you begging for “Mercy.”

Say whatever you like about ‘Ye. Sure he isn’t the most tactful because he relies on expression more than political correctness, but he KNOWS how to get the message across effectively through his G.O.O.D music and mind-twisting videos.

Watch one of my favorite videos, “Mercy,” by Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T and “2 Chainzzzzz!!”


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