Go Frush with Nikki Panache

Over the weekend, I served as a taste-tester for früsh along with a few other bloggers–Shameika (TheMofochronicles.Com), CM Writer (YBBF.Com), and Tamara (BlitzandGlam.Com). As I’ve posted before, I’m a woman who often calorie counts and keeps a close eye on her figure. So when CM Writer introduced früsh as a possible meal replacement yogurt/smoothie, I was geeked to have a sip. Apparently, this product is being marketed as inexpensive healthy food.

Once I popped the top, the drink appeared to be more of a yogurt than a smoothie; it was thick and creamy. Even so, I proceeded to drink. This sip felt more like a slurp, for the texture called for more gulping than easy swallowing. Think yogurt in a bottle.

In hopes that this drink would live up to healthy food stardom, I checked its label. As you can see below, this product is high in sugar with a running total of 33g. While this calcium-enriched product offers vitamin A, C and Iron: it doesn’t quite compensate for the sugar content that it embodies.



  • True to it’s strawberry taste.
  • Offers Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C
  • Low in calories, only 200


  • High in sugar content – 33g similar to that of sodas
  • Too thick to be a smoothie
A few facts about Frush:

Facts about früsh www.gofrush.com

  • From Origin Food Group www.originfoodgroup.com
  • “Superdrink” with all natural food boosters HOWARU® Bifido premium probiotics, TruCal® milk derived calcium, 9 grams of protein
  • Yogurt is made from milk from a local NC farm, Stamey Farms in Statesville NC
  • Flavors are: strawberry, blueberrry, strawberry banana, and peach in 8.4 oz and 32 oz sizes

Leading healthy lives is important to people at Nikkipanache.com as we believe it is to our readers; thus, we felt reviewing früsh, a newly marketed product, important. I hope that our readers appreciate our candid product reviews and take them into consideration on their next healthy food purchase.


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