@RyanLeslie Makes It “Rain in Australia”

It’s a Ryan Leslie kind of morning for me.

Ryan Leslie just does IT for me, from his swag to … shoot to just about anything. Hell I love the fact that I can understand what the heck he’s saying in his songs. He enunciates every word correctly and puts it to Fabolous beats. See what I just did there? You gotta hear a few Ryan Leslie-Fabolous collabs to get that one.

I love that he’s in touched with his inner self not much like Ralph Tresvant or Johnny Gill, R&B singers of the 80s, but in a way that doesn’t weigh on his masculinity. And he’s not afraid to love on the ladies with his music, another plus. Quite frankly, I’m enamored with his motivation, from Harvard to stages all around the world, Ryan Leslie catapulted his career into his pure stardom. This producer/singer/sometimes rapper is an all-around musical genius. Check out a few of his songs and stage performances below, borrowed from his Youtube Channel–RyanLeslieTV. Here’s his twitter handle: @ryanleslie

“Rain in Australia”

“Swiss Francs Preview”


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