Delta’s of Charlotte [Bar Review]


I had the opportunity to drop by the very talked about Delta’s, restaurant/bar which is located in Center City Charlotte.

Beautifully decorated in white and cherry woods, Delta’s concept is ingenious. It feels like the 1930s–Black Renaissance–minus the flappers and cigar smoke. Attendees surely come dressed to impress–think suits and cocktail dresses.

There’s a room-length bar, alongside right. Although it is designed to accommodate Delta’s over crowdedness, a trip to the bar is easily a 10-minute gig.

Also, Delta’s installs live jazz bands. I’m not sure who played last night, but they were great.

In addition, the venue also has complimentary valet, so you’re not wasting time looking for parking.

All things considered, if you’re interested in mingling with Charlotte’s Chocolate Elite, I recommend that you pay Delta’s a visit. I hear the soul food is great, and from what I’ve seen, so is the company!

Crowd: 30 +++
Drinks: $$
Don’t forget to tip the valet!

For more info on Delta’s, visit their website.


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