Cordula Davis–A Resonating Voice that Heals the Soul. Exclusive Music Interview.

I believe that healing is my purpose!

New R&B/Indie artist–Cordula Davis is not to be taken lightly … when it comes to her music, her man, and her life’s purpose. Her passion for life and love pours out in every song, uptempo or not, as she sings to heal others and tell of a love story that once needed healing of its own.

Last Thursday night, I was invited to sit in on a studio session with her. There, Davis recorded a self-written hook for Millennium Love. I was blown away at how powerful her voice sound over the beat. She could have very well sung it a capella and turned this planned duo feature into a solo-performed ballad. When she finished recording her hook, she invited me to her home for closer look on “Cordula Davis.”

Leading me up the stairs and into her home studio, Cordula introduced me to new tracks, invited me to see her recording booth, and played a classical number on the keys for me. But before we get into all that; here’s what she had to say about the music she’s been writing and recording lately.

Nikki: I wanted to talk a little about your hook to Millenium Love. Where did the inspiration from that song come from? You sing it with so much passion and strength. I know it has to come from somewhere …

Cordula: I think that when I sing that song, I was in a mode of ‘what’s the future going to hold’ and trying to move past what’s happened in the past. And that’s the reason I wanted to do music because it allows you to go through emotions and allows for you to heal from those things. I think the place I was coming from, you know, when I wrote the hook for that song was [expressing] a new type of love. Not the type of love … like “yeah that’s my boo … he does things for me.” But something a little bit more mature … a little bit more real … and just a really strong type of love. The idea of Millennium Love is like we’re in the millennium, and we do everything different and better. And that’s the idea behind that: love me like there’s no tomorrow because we don’t know. Times now are … I mean people are dying, and there’s war. There’s people without healthcare, people who are struggling, people who cannot eat, and it’s like why waste time not loving people, hating on people, or being jealous of people, and not giving your relationship your all. Particularly in the African-American community, I think that people undervalue relationships, and I think we look at relationships like a burden. And Millennium Love is about being all-in in, truly loving someone and being loved. And both people have to be all-in and vulnerable to be in love.

Cordula Davis sings the hook to Millennium Love here.

Nikki: Let’s talk about Climaxion. [I love this song!!] When I heard this song, I could just imagine …(Cordula laughs) … what it means to me might be different than what it means to you. Tell me about the writing experience. In what space were you … what were you thinking when you wrote this song?

Cordula: So Climaxion is a very interesting song. My co-writer–Matthew Loverso (@m_loverso) and I wrote this song together. We were basically thinking of writing a song that had to do with a recent experience that I had went through. Ryan and I had been going through pre-marital counseling. During the counseling, we had to fast from each other. It meant no nothing. And basically the song came from the point-of-view of my struggle with abstinence. And it’s about somebody who is far away who you are really thinking about. You are remembering what their cologne smell like and what it feels like to be touched by that person. And the song builds … and as I miss this person, I start to become … ummm … turned on and basically I start to please myself. I don’t believe it’s vulgar, but there’s a lot of emotion in that song. This song was recorded with J Stylz (@j_stylzmusic). And I was going for a really sexy song. Because the songs I’d done before that, my voice was very strong. And I was trying to do something soft. I was thinking Drake, The Weeknd … something people put on when they’re in the mood.

Nikki: So what would a video for Climaxion look like? It can’t be you pleasing yourself.

Cordula: (laughs) … something very simple. Just me sitting and thinking of flashbacks of being with that person. And just going through the feelings as the song builds up. All five senses would be visualized in the song because I write so that people can truly experience what I’m singing about.

Nikki: What other songs are you currently working on?

Cordula: I’m currently working on a cross-over pop song. It has a pop feel. I have five other songs that are done.

Nikki: Can we get the titles on those songs?

Cordula: (giggles a bit) No … not yet. I might let you have one.They’re all club songs, and people are going to rock them out.

Nikki: So the one that you might let me have is titled …?

Cordula: Win or Lose. There are two versions and a possible remix. That’s actually the first song I wrote during the fast. And I had done a lot of praying and a lot of soul-searching and you know basically realized that this is what I’m supposed to be doing … my music. And this song is about giving your all even though you’ve been hurt several times. Just going after love because it’s worth it. Win or Lose.

I was looking for love. And it’s when I stopped that I actually found what I was looking for. And the theme of this project is letting go of negativity and the past and moving forward and being excellent in everything you do … being loving in everything that you do!

Nikki: Besides fasting, what other things do you do to channel your energy that helps you create greatness?

Cordula: I have a lot of things. A lot of times is just spending time by myself, prayer, and meditation. Doing the things that I want to do with positive people around me. That’s my biggest thing. Umm … like I don’t let everybody in this room. This is like a safe haven for me, and I like to keep it positive.

Nikki: Let’s talk about some influences in your life. Mom and Dad. Are there any musicians in your family? Let’s start with your parents.

Cordula: My parents met in the military. My mom played the violin. My dad did a little bit of singing. And I have brothers and sisters, and all of my sisters sing. I never grew up with them; I grew up as an only child. The musical stuff was just passed down to me genetically. Ever since I could remember, I loved music. I would listen to Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Tina Turner. And it just made me feel a certain way. I just remember always singing. I started lessons at the age of 4. And I just knew that I wanted to do Pop, and that I wanted to sing. I wanted to make people’s hair stand up… that’s what I felt when I heard when my artists sing.

And once I was trying to figure out how medicine and being a doctor relates to singing. And my songwriter sent me a message, he was like: “Yo, you were sent here to heal people through music, through medicine, through whatever.” That’s what you were here to do. And that happened through the fast. All of this kind of happened at the same time. That was a huge revelation for me.

Nikki: So you believe that’s your purpose?

Cordula: I do … I do believe that healing is my purpose. And in my bio, I talked about my vision and purpose and how I wanted to use my revenue to create a national healthcare clinic system. I would introduce some natural medicine and other practices that are not readily available to those who cannot afford healthcare. Prevention would be a huge key to this project.

All things considered, we are about to embark on a Cordula Davis era, and you’ve just been hit with an exclusive, her first official interview as an artist to date! I look forward to hearing what else she has in store!

More Music–Adios by Cordula Davis

For more Cordula, swing by her reverbnation page and catch her on Twitter @CordulaDavis


2 thoughts on “Cordula Davis–A Resonating Voice that Heals the Soul. Exclusive Music Interview.

  1. Love this! I’m so grateful to have been able to do an interview with you and think this is a wonderful snapshot of my life as an artist and a human being..a great introduction to the things to come…

    1. Cordula, it means a lot to me that you loved it!! I’m glad I was able to capture you and what you’re about in this feature. Should you need me for anything else, give a shout. And thank you for the opportunity in getting to know Cordula.

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