When White Guys Go Flirting with Nikki, Don’t Do This!!!

I’m often teased by my girlfriends about my slight love for white guys. I understand that my girlfriends are down for the brothers long-term and can’t find the je ne sais quoi in any man who isn’t black.

I, on the other hand, find attraction across color lines. Men are men. If he can imbibe with my rhythm, he might can hang! Like K Michelle says about Olympian Ryan Locte in a recent interview, “Ryan’s a good time … A lot of fun. And he’s a good friend.” You should’ve seen her Cheshire grin and big eyes? She’s digging him.

And sure women are drawn to men who have charisma, swag, Olympians, hot rappers and singers, etc. Lol. Yet we also want someone who knows how to have a good time, who isn’t self-conscious about his every move … particularly while out.

Last night, I met a cute white guy with a Seinfield sense of humor. I like to laugh, so it worked for a brief moment.

Then he did the forbidden … he touched my HAIRRRR and smoothed it away from my eye.

Ok so I know what I just said about calculated moves, so this comes off contradictory. But …

You just can’t go around touching a black woman’s hair all Willy Neely. We spend hours in the salon. Primping and pressing. Spraying and glossing. Freezing and gelling. Lawd!!! What was he thinking? It was all good up until then …

My involuntary muscles grouped together and conspired a frown against his innocent yet naive gesture.

Anywho after my reaction, he backed down and found his place with his company.

Ok so … Umm … Just a little advice for the white guys and guys in general. Should you ever find yourself with me at a bar … In the middle of the street … Wherever … And we’re grinning and taking a liking to one another, don’t you dare touch my hair!!!

… Now that it’s off my chest. I feel free to gallivant Charlotte tonight, knowing that enough people will read this and spread the word!

Here’s to a good night of flirting …


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