NC HAS TALENT: Local Radio Shows


     Bobbie Bugatti, named Promoter of the Year by the Forsyth County Entertainment Awards, is now hosting a radio show tonight 9-12 on #CarolinaEdition. The three hour live show contains an hour dedicated to North Carolina Artists with interviews (around 10:15-11:15) but they will also play commercial music as well. All my North Carolina readers especially need to make sure they support our local talent out here trying to make it.

     Also featured on is No BS Radio hosted by the #First Ladies DJ Enapop, Chuck E Cee, Liza Nicole, Young Gee, and Chanel each and every Wednesday night at 9pm. “The show is basically 5 fly ladies Me The DJ, Young Gee The Primary Host, Liza Nicole does the World and Hip-Hop News. Chuck is a news correspondent and Chanel is another host & jokster… we do most of our interacting through Facebook & Twitter being that the show is web based” (DJ Enapop). They really caught my interest with last week’s topic, “If someone is a bad kisser, is that a deal breaker for sex?” The entertaining crew is a great mix of female personalities so be sure to tune in and comment to let me know what you think!


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