[Interactive] Where is the Love??

Last night, I ventured to Wet Willie’s, NC Music Factory, for the Where is the Love Forum. Here, about 30 people gathered to discuss dating and social media. This well organized forum was co-hosted by fellow blogger Shameika of MofoChronicles.

Why is dating and finding love such an enigma? It sure didn’t seem that way during Bible times. It seemed as if God placed certain Biblical couples together for purpose. For an example, we might consider Adam & Eve. No matter what you think about Eve, she had purpose. And on a more serious note, “Are you dating an Eve?”

Purpose! Aha! Now that’s one thing I hadn’t considered up until now. Are we dating for God’s purpose or our own?

Well, while you’re pondering purpose, have a look at our questions from last night’s forum. Feel free to answer them using the comments field just below the post.

Where is the Love Forum will be held tentatively on September 12 at Wet Willie’s. For more updates, see MofoChronicles.





7 thoughts on “[Interactive] Where is the Love??

    1. Good point. I agree, but we often find ourselves in a world of thinkers who believe it’s a means to fool around. It’s imperative that we find and date like-minded people.

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