[Interactive] Post-Engagement with Politicians

Last night, I got to hang out with some politicians and other interesting people! And it was a grand ole time. Some of the things we discussed were casual. Some were political. No matter the conversation, we were able to find common ground for the greater good.

Here are a few hot topics we breezed over in our one-on-one sidebars.

1. What do we know about Paul Ryan?

2. Paul Ryan and the Catholic Church.

3. Are you still eating Chick Fil A?

4. Slam Dunk Maker’s Mark

5. Interior Design and Ikea fabrics that offer a few more inches in height for your money. Think 9-foot-ceiling.

Well here’s another Interactive post. Let’s discuss the topic of your choice!! What are your comments? Do you even know what a Slam Dunk Maker’s Mark is? What is the significance?

Let’s get this conversation starrrrtttted!!


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