Do Good Men Cheat?


Can a cheating man be a GOOD man? If so, in what world? And is there any logic behind cheating … For a man?

On September 14, Talk Dat Ish Books is set to release Good Men Do Cheat by Carl A. Roberts. Cheating men has always been a hot button topic and will remain so until the end of time. So the title and subject matter is at the very least provocative and engaging.

Carl A. Roberts doesn’t claim to be an expert or solution to all your problems. His purpose is to express logic behind a cheating man.

Well I’m anxious to find out what Roberts has to say as I’m scheduled to read this book almost immediately. You may, however, enjoy it on September 14 when it’s released to iBooks, Nook, Amazon, Kindle and bookstores.

Stay tuned for my personal review of Carl A. Roberts’ Good Men Do Cheat.

For more information about this book, its upcoming events and more, check out this press release. Click Here

Author/Entrpreneur/Media personality Tionna Smalls is the owner of Talk Dat Ish Books publishing company. She’s the author of Girl, Get Your Mind Right, a woman-to-woman advice book on relationships. You might also remember her from VH1’s What Chili Wants.


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