@BevySmith On Life With Vision in Charlotte


Bevy Smith says, “I love a MAVERICK!”

(Bevy tweeted these thoughts when the world announced that Augusta National Golf Club added Condoleezza Rice, one of the first women to be added as a member to this club)

Bevy’s awareness and appreciation of others is a reflection of her personal value system. Her tenets of living “Life with Vision” pours out into
her daily tweets, and I was glad to witness them first-hand this past weekend.

On Saturday, August 18, Dining with Bevy debut in Charlotte at Bernardin’s Fine Dining, a chic uptown restaurant.

Bevy picked 50 go-gettas/winners with whom she shared her journey to living “Life with Vision.” While Bevy talked about her careers at Vibe, Rolling Stone, and beyond, we, the attendees, dined and consumed life nuggets (tenets) that may never leave us hungry.

Some of Bevy’s tenets include attention, focus, fellowship, true desires and meditation; principles that can help entrepreneurs et al “vibrate higher.”

She also recommended some books for everyone to read, including The Four Agreements. Bevy says, “I work on mastering one of the four agreements every day–“Don’t take Anything Personally.” An agreement that I’m too working to master.

Furthermore, yesterday, just a day after the brunch, many attendees owned Twitter timelines, spreading joy, charity, and all lessons learned in Bevy’s name. It’s apparent that she touched more than one person with her testimony. And that … in itself … is a blessing.

Here’s a recap of Bevy’s Vocabulary:

Well-wishers & Co-conspirators-People who are in your life who encourage, promote, and uplift you. They are there to help you become better at whatever it is that you do.

Sycophants-Bevy advises not to have many of these. They could very well “Yes” you down the wrong path.

Vision– What do you envision your life to be? Visualize it and create a vision board.

Naysayers: Call them just that. You shouldn’t focus on what they think about you. Focus, rather, on what YOU think about YOURSELF.

Well that’s enough vocabulary to jumpstart your life with vision, Bevy style!

Should there be a Dining with Bevy event in your town, don’t hesitate to submit your resume! Find her on Twitter! www.twitter.com/BevySmith Dining with Bevy–Facebook Page

A few of my pictures from the event are just below.



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