Once A Man Cheats, Does He Become A Bad Man?? –PART II of Good Men Do Cheat

Good day my friends!!! Here’s a poll that was inspired by Carl A Roberts new book–Good Men Do Cheat

Yesterday, I updated my Facebook status to ask my FBF (Facebook Fam) “Do Good Men Cheat?” And let me just say, the ladies went INNN!! And after reading the responses, I must say that I’m proud that there are STILL men out there who consider themselves good men, by their own definition of course, and proclaim themselves as FAITHFUL men.

On the other hand, there were some who said that “all men cheat.” But what do you think? What’s a definition of a good man and by what criteria do we define him? Do you define him by his accomplishments or his morals or something else?

And once a man cheats, is he considered to be a BAD man? Help a sista out; lend me your thoughts. And while you’re thinking of a response, please check out the responses from my FBF.

Do Good Men Cheat?

Natasha  Yes. That’s like saying do good people make bad decisions?

King-Shark Chase cards an taxes… not women

Chasity Yes!!!

Tarik yes we do.

QuShanda Its not a matter of good or bad, the question is do All men, I would say no…. Because when you say good thats opnion based, good? To whose standards… But lol I would say no.

Michael Not all of them, maybe some.

Kevin Not this good man lol

Joy  Nope.

Jennifer All men are imperfect beings. So good or bad, they can cheat. But not all men cheat.

Willie Only cheating when you get caught

Courtney ‎*__*

Thomas YES

Eric Good is good. NO!

Joy  What is good about a “man” who is deceptive, disrespectful and ultimately too weak to make long term decisions? #ijs

Eric ‎@joy ; the pedestal you put him on

Joseph No

William no

Courtney lol…ok so I had to revisit this one. @ Willie that is like saying “If you find yourself in a car that does not have your name on the title…you then proceed to hot wire it…and drive off into the sunset…” Just because nobody caught you doesn’t mean you didn’t steal it. I do not believe it is a matter of good or bad men. All individuals make poor decisions at least once in their life..even if it might have been with good and sincere intent [and even then…the end result is what it is]. Good men are, perhaps, less likely [to cheat]. There are “men” in the world who [out of genuine respect, consideration and who simply give enough of a crap for their significant other to] actually “choose” not to cheat [or cross over into that” grey-cheat” area ] when an opportunity presents.

Mario Yes. Everyone does.

Joy  People don’t like the truth, and constantly make excuses for their own mediocrity. Cheating actually equates to settling. Whether a man settled in the first place or a woman is settling for a man’s disrespect and vice versa. Good men don’t cheat because they understand their own worth and their woman’s worth. When you have what you know you deserve, you are fulfilled simple as that. Everyone has decisions to make on a daily basis, the rules haven’t changed, and neither have the consequences. Cause and effect. I’m done.

Courtney Well said @ joy.

Maisha  theres no such thing as good men cheat. i have beyond zero tolerance for that . if you cheat then your not a good man period.

Analisha We each have our definition of what a good man is….before that can be answered one must ask oneself what that definition means to them….for me the answer is no!!!


One thought on “Once A Man Cheats, Does He Become A Bad Man?? –PART II of Good Men Do Cheat

  1. I missed the post on FB..but I must ask ..what is a good man? We all have our varying definitions..soooooo…. but I think regardless of who cheats.. I was always taught that it’s something that’s unsettled within that person that drives them to cheat.. now that may just be some bs to calm my nerves but there could be something to it..and until that person addresses that issue.. they may continue to cheat or they could reform..who knows tho..

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