Anorexic Twins Die in Fire

One of my family members told me that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen died in a fire yesterday. “Lawd!!” I almost joined them with that news. (Not really) Sidenote: Isn’t funny how we are so attached to some of our favorite celebrities? Fanatic, much?

And then I did my research; that family member had the wrong anorexic twins. Now, I don’t join the rest of the world in saying the Olsen twins are anorexic. Nope; I will not make that claim. I will always associate those belles with Full House ‘uh-ohs’ and ” but Uncle Joey.”

But on a more serious note, body image problems are serious and can lead to obsessive behavior or even death. We’ve heard this story a time or two. We see it in young and old, men and women, who go to the extremes to achieve the body they so desire.

I’m all about working out and eating healthy, and I’m well-verse in over-exerting myself in the gym. I’m no health expert, but if I may lend my some advice, I’d say “love yourself.” Figure out what that means. Does it mean working out daily, eating healthier, finding homeopathic ways to heal oneself? Does it mean church, meditation, and fellowship? Do whatever it is for you to become a healthier, better you, one that you can appreciate and love.

And sadly, here’s the youtube video I found on Clare and Rachel Wallmeyer. Link to Article




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