The Quickest Way to Piss Off a Caller—Thanks Apple!

Someone accused me of having Apple products everything on Instagram (nikkipanche). It was his failed attempt to say that I’m a boogie Apple consumer; anything Apple makes, I gotta have it.

While I believe that Apple products are just nifty and inspiring to all kinds of consumers especially entrepreneurs, I do not promote purchasing newly released products. Boosting consumption is contraire to the Nikki Panache way.

While I’ve decided to wait to buy the iPhone 5, I figured the iOS 6.0 software update wouldn’t let me down with much-needed features like the “Reply with Message” option. This is simply the element of convenience for writers and partygoers alike. Trust me I know!

I’m ever so grateful that I can now ignore calls with a text. Like Weezy raps, “And when she calls, I just write her back.” I swear a text in response to a call is the quickest way to piss someone off. But that’s not why I’m glad the feature lives nor is it the reason why I use it.

If you’re a writer and outgoing person such as myself, you might find yourself in noisy spaces (often), parties and the like.

And when I’m expecting that late friend, colleague, companion to join me at these events, I much rather the convenience of a clean swoop–reply with message option–than having to ignore a call, open the text message app, assign a contact then text. Too many damn steps!!

The new Reply with Message option (Ignore Call) gives me more time to party and quickens my response time to (un)important calls!

This new feature is Nikki Panache Approved!

See my screenshot below:

iOS6 Screenshot — Subsequently Text and Ignore Call–The Reply with Message Option



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