Chuck Bass’ Suited For CountrySide


I’m geeked that one of my favorite shows–Gossip Girl–landed season 6. Now that Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) rescued and revived his father Bart Bass from a fake death and a host of other scandals, we can all witness Chuck revert back to his more natural role–the ruthless, scheming, bad boy of the Upper East Side. I’m sure there are others. But he’s the only one who counts.

Last night, Chuck was headedu to the countryside for some “horsing around” … I meant horseback riding. In style, Chuck was “spotted” wearing a pink checkered shirt, pink flower lapel andddddd (drum roll please), A LIME GREEN BOWTIE!

Chuck Bass denotes dapper every time he hits the scene. Never a miss.

Check out his wardrobe. And don’t forget to check out my online bow tie shop.



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