Behaving Fiercely Started at the Age of 4: The Beginnings of an Independent Thinker

First of all, before I start this post, I just have to say its so damn hard for me to write these transparent blogs. I mean … Do you really wanna know Nikki P?! Mann listen!!! We’re going to build up to the heavy stuff. I understand people wanna understand me and why I’m so this and that. So I’ll blog from time to time to reveal things about me. Got it?! Well then ok …

You remember what I said in my vlog about having strong views about dating? Well these views are reflections of an independent thinker who began behaving independently at a very young age.

A childhood story, shall we?

When I was about 4 or 5, my mom would advise me not to go to the corner store before school in the morning. I was told to walk straight to school which was a couple of blocks away, fewer blocks from our apartment than the corner store. But anyway I was so hard-headed. I managed to convince my mom to give me money nearly every day under the false pretense that I would use it for lunch and not for a toasted, plain bagel with cream cheese that I had grown a liking for due to our Saturday breakfast routines.

And you should’ve seen me. I wasn’t big as a minute. I wasn’t even tall enough to see the countertop in the check out line. And in hindsight, I know my mom advised me not to go down the street to the corner store by myself because she feared what and who I would encounter down there at the tender age of 4 (or 5).

Furthermore, it was Jersey City in the 80s. On any given day, you could find winos and drug addicts in some alley somewhere and god knows what else. But when this is your environment, you learn a different set of survival skills. You can determine good/bad through exposure and experience. Trust me, I knew not to talk to strangers. I knew how much my bagel cost and how to order it. And I understood that I had to take an extended route to school just to avoid the windows of my apartment, a “clear” path to not being caught.

Well finally either the store clerk told on me or my mom caught me walking the wrong way to school, the path that led to the corner store. Either way, I was made into being a liar one day and had to be accompanied on my walks to school going further.

As you can see my determination in getting what I want began at a young age. I was hard-headed and fiercely independent. I remember disliking chaperones accompanying on my walks to school. The conversation was not to my liking, and I missed those bagels as I could never convince her, my chaperone at the time, to walk me that way to the corner store. Although I had made the decisions to repeatedly disobey my mother and reaped the consequences, I still experienced the moments of growth in thinking for myself. I knew how it felt to really want to do something on my own and just go for it, having weighed the consequences and understanding just what those consequences meant should I ever had to face them.

Moreover, we all know about groupthink. If we’re all thinking the same thing, someone’s not thinking. And that kind of thinking once led the USA to a defeat. With that being said, I’m sure we can all remember a time when we were inspired or motivated to be an independent thinker. It could’ve been a time in your childhood. It could be a time when you felt your ideas were challenged at work. Or it can be a time when you had to make a huge decision in life that might have a deep impact on others. Whatever the case, I encourage independent thinking and the moments that get us to thinking. For this is the pathway to becoming a fierce and independent thinker!


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