Black Friday Offer–The Female Haberdasher offers FREE Shipping at Bow Tie Shop

You don’t have to stand in long lines or endure poor weather conditions when shopping with

The Female Haberdasher this Black Friday.

Now until Tuesday, November 23, 2012 midnight, TFH offers Free Shipping (domestic).

Use coupon code: SHIP2ME to take advantage of this offer when shopping for your next favorite bow tie!

TFH designs freestyle bow ties for men and women. Some are trendy like the purple leopard print bow tie which is now being featured. Others are classic like the black and white herringbone bow tie that is fitting for office.

At TFH bow tie shop, there’s a link for custom-design bow ties that can be created from fabric that YOU request. Say for example if you’re looking for a purple and metallic bow tie to complete your NYE outfit, you can request that using the item reserved for custom bow tie designs.

TFH will continue to list new items, so if you don’t see anything that you like now, check with us for future orders.

For more information on The Female Haberdasher and private collection offers, email me: Private Collection deals allow buyers to purchase 5 bow ties or more at a reasonable price.


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