Introducing @CocoaClassy and @MayaJHicks Blogs. Also, see @JSWMedia Red Pump/Red Tie Affair Recap from 2011

Good Day, Readers!!

Guess who made other blogs?, yours truly! I love it when bloggers collaborate for the sake of getting other blogs out there. It’s all about that cyber love (don’t you think?) that gives these wonderful posts that we write day-to-day meaning. So on that note, I wanted to introduce to you two new blogs created by people I know.

Please check out Cocoa Classy Blog which is a digital magazine for women of color and beyond. Cocoa Classy took the time to highlight Nikkipanache and my new venture with bow ties. You can check out her site here. Read the article on Nikkipanache Bow Tie venture here.

Furthermore, a young, enterprising blogger–Maya Hicks–created a blog–HowIlandedmydreamjob–about how people, like you and me, are landing their dream jobs every day. Some happen by a shock wave of lay-offs and sometimes “-ish just happens,” and people find their ways to their dream jobs, nonetheless. Read more about Maya and the people she’s interviewed here. Read the article on Nikki “The Female Haberdasher” Panache here. Also, Maya will be hosting a bow tie giveaway for her blog. You can enter by just subscribing by email.

Ok, now … don’t delay. Go check out these other blogs today. Thanks, All.

Coming up: Attending JSWMedia Red Pump/Red Tie Affair on Saturday, Dec1. Will post. Here are pictures from last year. If you’re in the Charlotte area and would like to attend this year’s event, click here for details.




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