Auditioning for @NickCannon ‘s WildNOut

On Monday, I woke up with every intention on mailing out my bow ties, purchasing shipping goodies, and cutting fabric. By 1 o’ clock, I had it all done.

Then I ran across an interesting tweet that required action … It had me intrigued, pondering over the possibilities. At the moment, at the time that I saw the tweet, I decided that I was going to react!

At 4:15p, I headed for S Blvd. Found my destination and parked my car. I believe that your actions are prayers in themselves, but I said another quick one anyway.

By 5p, I was waiting in the lobby of CBS radio stations along with about 14 others. Some familiar faces … Some you might know.

A lady soon swung around from the back to take our names and line us up. In tandem, we walked and was led to an open room filled with seats and long tables.

Nervous, I chatted a bit with a few familiar faces and waited my turn.

And then … I was called.

I was instructed to give MTV all kinds of permission to use my face and footage. Thereafter, I stepped into the room to meet Nick Cannon and audition for the new season of WildNOut!

Nick? Oh yea he was really cool and laid back. He wore a purple-pink long sleeve dress shirt and a gray vest and matching pants. He greeted me with a smile and asked me to introduce myself.

Then I auditioned. I won’t disclose the details of the audition. But I will say that I enjoyed myself. And I may do other auditions in the future. If nothing else, it was a great experience.

Here’s the face of nervousness, anticipation, and exhilaration wrapped into one. A silly face to help me remember this moment.



2 thoughts on “Auditioning for @NickCannon ‘s WildNOut

    1. agreeing with everybody else Paula did an amaizng Awesome job with the groups. BRING BACK PAULA SHE IS THE BEST OF THE BEST JUDGES THERE IS.Simon know has well has Fox that there will not be a season 3 and praying there isnt. Sorry!!!!!!! Paula Specialized in Groups

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