Fantasia Plans for 2013 Album Release


It’s a new year for new beginnings especially for R&B Artist/Singer Fantasia who is now preparing to release her new album.

This morning, I caught a glimpse of her promo shoot, thanks to

Here, Fantasia is serving up a new look to compliment her new sound … She has evolved. And says it here while sporting a new coat of glamour; check out the fur. POW!

If this photoshoot is any indication of her upcoming album, then I’m anticipating feverish lyrics and a long-way-from-Kansas Fantasia. This shot right here is hot!

What She’s Wearing and Credits

Maximilian fur Bloomingdales
Louis Vuitton runway collection shoe
Styled by Brandon C. Young (
Gold body chain: stylist PCM
Hair by derickus Crawford
Shot by porter garner


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