Lyrical Background of Love and Hip-Hop’s Joe Budden and Tahiry

Love and Hip-Hop: Season 3

As an avid fan of Joe Budden, I have been following both his rap career and personal life since he first blew up in with the single “Pump it up.” The radio hit made me interested in the mixtape Joey, who isn’t ashamed to put everything he is going through and his emotions out there for the public eye. When Joe and Tahiry first got together, their YouTube videos made you feel like you were right in the relationship with them. Their break-up pushed Joe to make one of his greatest tracks ever, “Downfall.” “With 5 years of blood sweat and tears but there was obviously a disconnect/ we turned that into a disrespect/ said she been holding it inside for years, she’s unhappy/ so the girl I wanna marry was afraid to come and tap me.”

Tahiry and J.R. Smith

Joe’s tribulations give fans music they can relate too, I still listen to “Ordinary Love Sh*t Parts 1-3” about his break-up with Ester Baxter where Tahiry is also mentioned, “The f*ck else I do but go right back to Tahiry/ I’m sleeping on her couch, not discussing sh*t/ Staring at the fattest ass, not f*ckin it/ I guess despite everything that she showed me/ It felt good to be around a broad that really knows me.” And between every break-up with Joe, Tahiry was still there for him. Tahiry actually tried to move on from Joe many times, most notable with New York Knick’s player J.R. Smith who last year, was fined for tweeting a picture of her in a thong in bed. They ended it when Joe Budden tweeted both JR and Tahiry and JR tweeted he realizes they will never stop dealing with each other. Joe addresses Tahiry about it on Fabolous’s The Soul Tape 2 on the track “Want You Back,” “Told you you’re gonna f*ck around and end up sick/ You chose dick from this n*gga off the New York Knicks…”

Joe Budden’s A Loose Quarter Mixtape

Now Joe’s happy with the beautiful Kaylin Garcia, and everyone who follows them on Twitter or Instagram can see it. It’s also all over Joe’s latest mixtape, A Loose Quarter. My favorite track is “More of Me” which tells the story of exactly why Joe loves Kaylin so much. But if you’re still wondering where Tahiry fits in Joe’s life listen to “Momma Said” followed by “Off to the Races” where Joe says his mom and Tahiry are still close but ultimately, he found a happiness with Kaylin he could never find with Tahiry. “3 years after that break up, should’ve had closure by now/ We’d be best friends, you’d have let this end we’d be closer by now/ What you want is upset, hostile, angry, evil, jealous, bitter sh*t/ F*ck makin your bed and lying in it, you bought that house, live with it…” The track hit Tahiry so hard, she then took to Twitter to rant about how Joe actually can’t leave her alone. But the question is, are they ever really going to be done dealing with each other? Guess we just have to stay tuned.

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