Love and Hip-Hop Recap of Episode 3

Love and Hip-Hop

Without shame, my main reason for watching this show is to see the relationship between Joe Budden and Tahiry that I have only caught glimpses into through rap lyrics and Youtube clips, play out before my very eyes. Tahiry teaming up with Joe’s mom in this episode to express support for Joe comes as no surprise (see Joe’s lyrics at the end of his song Momma said – “Momma said that Tahiry called/ That ain’t shock me, they speak a lot/ She’s helpful…”) but was surprising was no Kaylin Garcia in sight. The question is, is the absence of Joe’s new girlfriend a good or bad thing? It’s definitely a bad thing for people who want to see Kaylin’s beauty, but her being so secure in her and Joe’s relationship to not have to be around whenever Tahiry is around, is a quality I admire in a young 20 year old girlfriend.

This season is definitely more about couples then the previous  more female-sided seasons. The biggest mix of business and pleasure being Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz. In this episode, Erica pops off on everybody from female rapper Lore’l to Yandy and Olivia. I can’t stand to watch such a beautiful women display such an ugly attitude  From the streets to social networks, Erica has to put her two cents in. On Instagram alone she’s stirred up drama by commenting on her baby father’s pics he doesn’t buy his son’s sneakers, and on a photo posted by video model Yaris Sanchez (which Yaris later took down but not before this blogger screenshot it first!).

Erica isn’t the only who caught acting up on Instagram, Mendecees and Yandy discuss her scratching his face by throwing an Ipad at him because he liked booty pics. Despite that they still discuss getting married, which is a concept that’s hard to find in Hip-Hop. Jen the Pen and Consequence being another example of a live in couple with a kid who has yet to make the big step towards marriage (which may not be a bad thing considering they can’t even agree on what religion to raise their one year old together.)

Olivia posts pictures of her happy relationship with professional basketballer Tarence Kinsey, but still battles with letting the public into her personal life this season. She refuse to do a track with Erica Mena, smart move to not make a track with someone she does’t respect in the industry, but the way she goes about it makes her seem like she thinks her career is hotter than it really is. Especially from someone who still has 50 cent’s picture in her plaque on her wall (you can keep the record up Liv, but I would take the shirtless pic of 50 off of it). All in all, not a bad episode of Love and Hip-Hip: New Jersey 🙂


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