About Nikkipanache!!

Nikkipanache.com is a lifestyle and entertainment blog.


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Entertainment and Life

Nikki is a single, young, black writer who lives in the Queen City: she reports on entertainment and life from her perspective. She’s bubbly and fun, headstrong and focused. She loves a good business conference the way she enjoys a Creamsicle Martini! “Don’t you dare judge.”

Being a self-proclaimed independent black woman, Nikki sometimes rants off about love, society and politics in Life postings. She’s already persecuted several gentlemen, ‘so watch out!’ And she hasn’t quite found her prince charming.

Nikki also likes to explore new grounds, go on adventures (however big or small) and report on them. She’s originally from New Jersey, so you’ll see anecdotes surrounding her humble beginnings while there. But she was raised in the South–Charlotte, NC, so most of her postings chat about Queen City’s “fine” dining, entertainment and people.

Needing a little help with Sports, she often invites a Sports Blogger to keep her abreast especially during football season. Jerry Rice, Deion Sanders, Ochocinco, T.O., and Cam Newton are the only football players she’ll ever recognize in public, since she doesn’t watch football. “Cray!!” (means crazy)

No matter who or what’s being posted, it may or may not receive “Nikki’s stamp of approval!” Usually postings do, so no worries there.

With a background in advertising and marketing, she offers noteworthy people and business feature postings to increase their viewership and online visibility. Those packages start at $50. Email her if you’re interested–nikkipanache@icloud.com.

Nikki’s a versatile writer; she has edited several independent manuscripts and prepared press packages, check out her Offered Writing Services tab for a list of Nikki’s writing services.

More About the Founder of Nikkipanache.Com!


Denise Gregory is a published writer of four years who is former Entertainment Editor of Elevate Lifestyle and has written for The Appalachian and heels.com. In addition, Gregory has a writing portfolio that includes marketing, technical and business writing for local small businesses. She has also edited manuscripts for authors in the southeast region. She has three years of advertising experience with Hearst Magazines where she maintained books such as Esquire and Country Living, just to name a few.

Also check out her other brand–The Female Haberdasher Bow Tie Shop.



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