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FFCS at Club Secrets Friday!


This Friday has been invited to the Freestyle Funny Comedy Show at Club Secrets in Winston-Salem, NC. The comedians are on a tour and I already know how funny a couple of them are from the radio station 102 Jamz, but have yet to actually witness a show. If you’re like me and want to experience the laughs live, tickets are now on sell and make sure to check out NikkiPanache next week for the review!



VH1’s Basketball Wives LA Newest Cast Member: Bambi

I caught up with Bambi who graced the city of Winston-Salem, NC with her presence as she hosted the newly re-done Club Secrets (formerly Club Platinum). Not only did she show up to the club, but tore down the mall in the city after coming all the way from Atlanta. In person she was down to earth, her camp was great to work with, and her performance definitely got the party rocking. I would definitely recommend anyone to book her to host a party! She even allowed fans to take pictures with her beautiful self on stage. Shouts out to Jay Lee for showing us such a great time. Photo Credit: Orlando Wright Davis Peep the pics below.

Bambi released her sophmore mixtape, “Shimmer” July 4th, 2012. Shimmer has a bi-coastal vibe, with lots of different styles; it consists of features only by underground Artists from the East Coast to the West Coast. You will hear features from Indie Artists’ such as Fly Tye, Joseph Foreal, Luey V, Nina Blanka, Tez Banga, T Husstle, Levi Leer and more.

Upon releasing her first mixtape Bamlanta, the reviews were quite impressive for a debut release. She’s had hundreds of downloads and thousands of views. In addition, she won the top spot on Hot 107.9’s Battleground Radio seven days in a row with her single Look at Yo Body ft. Cap Richie of the Duffle Bag Boyz.

Being a female Artist doesn’t come with ease, but Bambi’s progress is rapid and is soon to be a legacy in the Rap arena. Keep your eyes and ears open, she’s the next to blow. | @AdizBambi | Facebook | YouTube |Tumblr |

Media Contact:

Amanda R. McRae


Love and Hip-Hop Recap of Episode 3

Love and Hip-Hop

Without shame, my main reason for watching this show is to see the relationship between Joe Budden and Tahiry that I have only caught glimpses into through rap lyrics and Youtube clips, play out before my very eyes. Tahiry teaming up with Joe’s mom in this episode to express support for Joe comes as no surprise (see Joe’s lyrics at the end of his song Momma said – “Momma said that Tahiry called/ That ain’t shock me, they speak a lot/ She’s helpful…”) but was surprising was no Kaylin Garcia in sight. The question is, is the absence of Joe’s new girlfriend a good or bad thing? It’s definitely a bad thing for people who want to see Kaylin’s beauty, but her being so secure in her and Joe’s relationship to not have to be around whenever Tahiry is around, is a quality I admire in a young 20 year old girlfriend.

This season is definitely more about couples then the previous  more female-sided seasons. The biggest mix of business and pleasure being Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz. In this episode, Erica pops off on everybody from female rapper Lore’l to Yandy and Olivia. I can’t stand to watch such a beautiful women display such an ugly attitude  From the streets to social networks, Erica has to put her two cents in. On Instagram alone she’s stirred up drama by commenting on her baby father’s pics he doesn’t buy his son’s sneakers, and on a photo posted by video model Yaris Sanchez (which Yaris later took down but not before this blogger screenshot it first!).

Erica isn’t the only who caught acting up on Instagram, Mendecees and Yandy discuss her scratching his face by throwing an Ipad at him because he liked booty pics. Despite that they still discuss getting married, which is a concept that’s hard to find in Hip-Hop. Jen the Pen and Consequence being another example of a live in couple with a kid who has yet to make the big step towards marriage (which may not be a bad thing considering they can’t even agree on what religion to raise their one year old together.)

Olivia posts pictures of her happy relationship with professional basketballer Tarence Kinsey, but still battles with letting the public into her personal life this season. She refuse to do a track with Erica Mena, smart move to not make a track with someone she does’t respect in the industry, but the way she goes about it makes her seem like she thinks her career is hotter than it really is. Especially from someone who still has 50 cent’s picture in her plaque on her wall (you can keep the record up Liv, but I would take the shirtless pic of 50 off of it). All in all, not a bad episode of Love and Hip-Hip: New Jersey 🙂

Lyrical Background of Love and Hip-Hop’s Joe Budden and Tahiry

Love and Hip-Hop: Season 3

As an avid fan of Joe Budden, I have been following both his rap career and personal life since he first blew up in with the single “Pump it up.” The radio hit made me interested in the mixtape Joey, who isn’t ashamed to put everything he is going through and his emotions out there for the public eye. When Joe and Tahiry first got together, their YouTube videos made you feel like you were right in the relationship with them. Their break-up pushed Joe to make one of his greatest tracks ever, “Downfall.” “With 5 years of blood sweat and tears but there was obviously a disconnect/ we turned that into a disrespect/ said she been holding it inside for years, she’s unhappy/ so the girl I wanna marry was afraid to come and tap me.”

Tahiry and J.R. Smith

Joe’s tribulations give fans music they can relate too, I still listen to “Ordinary Love Sh*t Parts 1-3” about his break-up with Ester Baxter where Tahiry is also mentioned, “The f*ck else I do but go right back to Tahiry/ I’m sleeping on her couch, not discussing sh*t/ Staring at the fattest ass, not f*ckin it/ I guess despite everything that she showed me/ It felt good to be around a broad that really knows me.” And between every break-up with Joe, Tahiry was still there for him. Tahiry actually tried to move on from Joe many times, most notable with New York Knick’s player J.R. Smith who last year, was fined for tweeting a picture of her in a thong in bed. They ended it when Joe Budden tweeted both JR and Tahiry and JR tweeted he realizes they will never stop dealing with each other. Joe addresses Tahiry about it on Fabolous’s The Soul Tape 2 on the track “Want You Back,” “Told you you’re gonna f*ck around and end up sick/ You chose dick from this n*gga off the New York Knicks…”

Joe Budden’s A Loose Quarter Mixtape

Now Joe’s happy with the beautiful Kaylin Garcia, and everyone who follows them on Twitter or Instagram can see it. It’s also all over Joe’s latest mixtape, A Loose Quarter. My favorite track is “More of Me” which tells the story of exactly why Joe loves Kaylin so much. But if you’re still wondering where Tahiry fits in Joe’s life listen to “Momma Said” followed by “Off to the Races” where Joe says his mom and Tahiry are still close but ultimately, he found a happiness with Kaylin he could never find with Tahiry. “3 years after that break up, should’ve had closure by now/ We’d be best friends, you’d have let this end we’d be closer by now/ What you want is upset, hostile, angry, evil, jealous, bitter sh*t/ F*ck makin your bed and lying in it, you bought that house, live with it…” The track hit Tahiry so hard, she then took to Twitter to rant about how Joe actually can’t leave her alone. But the question is, are they ever really going to be done dealing with each other? Guess we just have to stay tuned.

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NC HAS TALENT: Local Radio Shows


     Bobbie Bugatti, named Promoter of the Year by the Forsyth County Entertainment Awards, is now hosting a radio show tonight 9-12 on #CarolinaEdition. The three hour live show contains an hour dedicated to North Carolina Artists with interviews (around 10:15-11:15) but they will also play commercial music as well. All my North Carolina readers especially need to make sure they support our local talent out here trying to make it.

     Also featured on is No BS Radio hosted by the #First Ladies DJ Enapop, Chuck E Cee, Liza Nicole, Young Gee, and Chanel each and every Wednesday night at 9pm. “The show is basically 5 fly ladies Me The DJ, Young Gee The Primary Host, Liza Nicole does the World and Hip-Hop News. Chuck is a news correspondent and Chanel is another host & jokster… we do most of our interacting through Facebook & Twitter being that the show is web based” (DJ Enapop). They really caught my interest with last week’s topic, “If someone is a bad kisser, is that a deal breaker for sex?” The entertaining crew is a great mix of female personalities so be sure to tune in and comment to let me know what you think!

Album Review: Nas’ Life is Good

Nas’ album Life is Good just dropped last Tuesday, July 17th and let me just start off by stating there is no way in the world I could convey to you how great this album is, you just have to go experience it for yourself. Nas tells of his past and everything he’s experienced to get to where is now, then goes on to explain why Nasir Jones, life is good. The album gives us both songs to reminiscent about the 90s to and to ride out to enjoying life right now despite what we’re going through.


The album begins with Nas revealing a timeline of his struggles on No Introduction and the last verse describes the album the best.

“Reveal my life, you will forgive me
You will love me, hate me, judge me, relate to me
Only a few will, this how it sounds when you too real
They think it’s just music still
Well I am a graphic classic song composer
Music notes on sheets
I wrote this piece to get closure
Some of y’all might know Kelis
This goes to her with love
Also goes to y’all, let’s see
The craziest things already happened to me
So either you’ll be laughing at me or you’re laughing with me…”

Now Nas himself is no stranger to hardships, the difference between this albums and his past ones is the content he finds regardless of the troubles, “I know you think my life is good cause my diamond piece/ But my life been good since I started finding peace” (Loco-Motive). Back When, A Queen’s Story, and You Wouldn’t Understand with songstress Victoria Monet also continue the theme of Nas’ humble beginnings with his ability to paint pictures with his words and references to previous classic bars. The single Nasty is also classic Nas having fun spitting rapid bars educating new fans to the Nas we old heads all know and love.

Daughters has to be one of the most touching constructions to ever hit my ears. “She looked at me like I’m not the cleanest father figure/ But she rocking with it… They say the coolest playas and foulest heart breakers in the world/ God gets us back, he makes us have precious little girls.” He also addresses the incident where his daughter tweeted a box of condoms enhanced by the background vocals from Kaye Fox. Nas’ ability to expose this aspect of his lives solidifies his realness and makes me love him even more.

 Accident Murderer featuring Rick Ross reminds you of Nas’ gangsta just in case you started to doubt him. Reach Out with fellow veteran in the game Mary J. Blige and  Summer on Smash with Miguel and Swizz Beatz is sure to be heard blasting through speakers on those windows-down-hot-summer-nights  with a beat selection only veteran producers like No ID, Swizz Beatz and Justice League could create. His features are a great balance of enhancing the album but giving the right amount of Nas a fan like me needs. Nas’ versatile flow goes easy yet oh so hard when the time calls for it like on the neck breaking The Don co-produced by Heavy D who passed before the completion of the second single off the album; “Heavy D gave this beat to Salaam for me to rap to.”

The soft side of Nas is exposed as he takes you through deep emotions with the smooth, jazz inspired, track Stay and Cherry Wine featuring Amy Winehouse (a nice dedication since Monday was the anniversary of her death), while Bye Baby is my new break-up anthem based on his & Kelis’ separation with a sample from Guy’s Goodbye Love “Wanted you as my shorty since before I saw you screaming/ Hate you so much right now/ Should’ve saw the man in angry black women/ Actions of a demon, I’m leaving.” His rhymes have you looking at his life through his eyes and there is no way you can not feel where he is coming from. The deep thinking and thought provoking Nas will have you listening to songs over and over and realizing different meanings each time. That is what I live for in an album. Thank you to Nas for showing the younger generation of hip-hop fans what the rap game is truly about – living to learn and inspire through music.

E-40 “FUNCTION” Remix Video

Here at we just received word that one of my favorite West Coast Bangers, E-40’s Function, has wrapped up a video shoot for the remix featuring Chris Brown, Young Jeezy, Problem, French Montana & Red Café (with a cameo from others including Big Sean). The original was all west coasters E-40 featuring YG, Problem, and IamSu so I’m excited to hear the different styles these east coasters/ southerners brought together on this new track. Check out pics to preview the video below:

Photo Credit LB Courtesy of ECHOING SOUNDZ

Yo Gotti at Greene St May 9th

IT’S YA BOY YO GOTTI!!!! Coming to Greensboro, NC during his Road to Riches tour!!! And NikkiPanache will be there blogging the whole thing so stay tuned 🙂


Buy Tickets Here

Shawn Chrystopher’s New Cd Set to Drop

Thanks to @Tadmichaell

It’s official! Shawn Chrystopher of GOOD Music has set the release of his album “My Name is Shawn” for July 10th of this year, sure to be in heavy rotation this summer.

Check out Shawn Chrys backstage the I Am Finally Famous Tour tour in Greensboro, NC with Big Sean and Cyhi Da Prynce as he shouts out 102 Jamz, talks about the tour and his love for Bojangles, and latest mixtape Silent Films for the Blind. This hard spitting west coast rapper shows his funny side and also gets in-depth about carrying on his late father’s name.

Throwback Tuesday: Nesby Phips

I found this classic interview with Nesby Phips with a guest appearance by Monsta Beatz filmed during the Jet Life Tour in Greensboro, NC I just had to post! Please enjoy 🙂

Day with J Cole!

J. Cole graced Winston-Salem, NC with his presence right after his CD Cole World: The Sideline Story release last Tuesday and trust me, he made his presence known. The humble rapper from Fayetteville, NC may stay out of the spotlight as far as rumors and bad media but he definitely makes a great impression on who it matters to the most – the fans. We followed him from his autograph signing at Hanes Mall to his performance at Winston-Salem State University’s homecoming and even grabbed a quick interview on his tour bus. Check the Youtube video to hear what he has to say about his first CD and his advice to young women in college. (Sorry for the bad camera work during the concert footage, I’m not as talented as WynterSpring!)

New Music: Lil Zane’s Amy Winehouse

In follow-up to our post regarding the memory of the late Amy Winehouse, I came across this great tribute song by an old favorite Lil Zane featuring Shorty Mack! Check out the Youtube here to see the beautiful visuals of Amy and the artists.
*Quote from Lil Zane: “Amy was always just cool, Im gonna miss her, but
instead of all this grief she would’ve wanted us to party in her name! Amy
Also check out this video of Lil Zane and Shorty Mack getting Amy Winehouse tattoos
You can download the ringtone here: **

*Lil Zane Twitter – @lilzanesworld*
*Shorty Mack – @iamshortymack*

For More Information Contact:
Moses Hill
Echo Hattix


During the Jet Life Tour caught with the Rappers AND Producers Monstabeatz. Monstabeatz consists of a a duet with Jean Lephare and Dee Low from New Orleans. If you haven’t heard anything from them yet you better get on it. With hot rhymes and hot beats these two are definitely what Hip Hop is all about!

Fiend for the Money Exclusive Interview

Bet you didn’t know Fiend did magic? After the Jet Life tour hit Greensboro, NC, was granted an exclusive interview with the one and only Fiend. Check out what he had to say below to see what else you didn’t know…

Music Monday: In Remembrance of Amy Winehouse

News broke out July 23rd that the body of a very young and talented Amy Winehouse was found in her London home. She was dead at the scene and as of now the cause of death is unknown.

The picture above is found at her website and that is all that is found there. No amount of time could do justice in remembering the great life and tragic end to the artist that was Amy Winehouse.

With her first urban/hip-hop single to reach the wide masses being “Rehab” featuring Jay Z, twitter was full of disrespectful jokes and tweets regarding the British Pop Star. I just want to make it clear that here at we shed tears for a life lost to a powerful disease of (possibly) addiction and that it is no joking matter.

Her soulful and emotion-filled music reminds me of a Jazzy feel and her uniqueness in music and in personality will sadly be missed.

The Official NFL Party of the Summer!

Details for NFL Party
venue:  epic  nightlife
time:  doors  open  at  10
tickets:  $10  presale  tickets  available
dress:  grown  &  sexy
Guests at the NFL Party
charles  johnson  of  the  carolina  panthers
jerome  simpson  of  the  cincinnati  bengals
darell  scott  of  the  st.  louis  rams
3  surprise  1st  round  draft  picks
Tickets and more information at

UPDATED Music Monday: Marvin’s Room

UPDATED: Marvin’s Room remixes have taken over so of course I had to keep NikkiPanache readers updated on the latest. At the bottom are the most notable versions I found including Chris Brown’s sexual version and versions including childhood stars Sammie and Romeo all grown up now and trying to make there way on the scene as adult artists.

I’m addicted to Marvin’s Room by Drake and the Jojo remix Can’t Do Better (they have both been on repeat all weekend). And with new artists dropping freestyles to it every day (latest being Romeo Miller formerly Lil Romeo dropping one tonight) I have to ask, which one did it better so far?

Music Monday: Mookie Jones’s Everybodi Wanna Be Famous

After previously interviewing Mookie Jones at the Return of Foreva tour, I’ve become such a huge fan of his singing and rapping talents. His voice is intoxicating and his swag is like no other. So of course when he tweeted me his latest single, Everybodi Wanna Be Famous I was on it. And trust me, it didn’t disappoint. When asked if the song was available on Youtube, he replied to me via twitter, “no hun sorry coming soon tho too.”  #AUTOOOO

Music Monday: Stripper Bop

Yanni V is a hot female MC I peeped at Club Drink a couple weeks ago. She’s beautiful, fierce, and spit hot fire. And not only is her performance and stage presence is incredible she is super sweet and approachable! Her new single I’m in love with is Stripper Bop and is now getting played on a few radio stations including Greensboro’s own 102 Jamz.Here’s her official video by the Elecktik Dance Crew. You have to love local talents supporting each other!

Management: Groundbreaking Entertainment
FAME = @KingFameNC
919 408 2256

Music Monday: New Music from the Da Trendsettaz

*(((New Music**)))*

* From The Yay Area’s On *

*Da Trendsettaz*

*“DO IT”*

* *



* *

*For More Information On Da Trendsettaz Contact:*

*LiMari Garcia*


*Moses Hill *



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