Brittney H is a senior English major and Theater minor at Wake Forest University and plans on graduating December 2011. Her activities at Wake include being a part of Theater organizations and Wake Forest Television. She is from Princeton, NJ and considers New Jersey the best state in the US. She is very interested in journalism and being a TV or Radio personality. She started blogging last year after interviewing professional athletes such as Jeff Teague and rap artists such as Travis Porter and Big Krit.

Her personal tumblr is Her main blogging topics are music, celebrities, and concert reviews. Other passions includes hip-hop, sports, and current events.Her dreams include to run her very own Public Relations Firm and to have published novels and articles. She is so excited for her first internship opportunity to be with and help be a part of making it Charlotte’s most prominent blog.

Kevin Lewis (1975-Present) was born in Mine Hill, New Jersey, grew up in a little town named Niceville, Fl, and currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kevin was saved, giving his life to Christ at the age of 30. Kevin has a passionate love for God and Jesus. He is a firm believer in the power of prayer and that prayer can change things. Since 2008, he has been writing poetry and devotionals centered around his beliefs in Christ.

Kevin has published two books, the first being Water for the Christian Spirit Vol. 1 and his most recent title called Devotionals for Living Free. Kevin also maintains an additional blog focused on His Christian beliefs called Kevin chooses to writes on a variety of subjects to share his thoughts, to help and inspire people. He hopes that through his words, his readers are enlightened and their day is a little brighter.

Wynter Spring

After winter, must come spring. Change, it comes eventually…” – Lauryn Hill

Ever-evolving, as her name suggests, Wynter Spring is one of the wittiest, most down-to-earth women that one will ever meet. Born and raised in Thomasville, NC, she is a recent graduate of Wake Forest University with a major in Communication and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. Wynter has joined the Nikki Panache team as its new photo and video journalist. Her goal is to bring readers into her world, one snapshot at a time.

A self-proclaimed shoe fiend, Wynter describes her relationship with fashion and footwear as nothing short of obsessive and compulsive! Some of her other passions include empowerment of the female voice and mind, nail art design, fashion trends, pop culture and the arts. Currently, she is heavily involved with the Boosie Justice campaign, an initiative created to ensure the fairness of Boosie’s trial and to encourage die-hard fans & newcomers alike to acquaint themselves with the FACTS surrounding the case.  #FREEBOOSIE!

So keep your eyes and your minds open, as she is sure to inspire!

C. Rose hails from the dirt roads of rural Vale, NC.  She has a city girl’s heart with a country girl’s soul.  Witty, spunky, charming, and fly she could easily be a character on Sex and the City.  “I’m a quirky black girl.  Just when you thought you had me all figured out I go and do something totally off the wall and unexpected.” She is a graduate of Appalachian State University and is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated.  Ms. Rose currently teaches high school English and was voted the 2009-2010 Wachovia Teacher of the year for her school.  C. Rose is a wife, mommy, and DIVA!  Her loves in life are her family, friends, and her pink Schwinn beach cruiser Ethel. Her days are spent loving on her family, teaching & learning, reading, writing, shopping, laughing, and eating.  She isn’t political but considers herself to be Pro-Black (not racist) and a Feminist (not sexist); empowering the underdog is what she is all about.  When it comes to fashion she is a fuse of anything from a 20’s flapper to an 80’s rocker and everything in between.  C. Rose believes in doing what feels good to her at all times. “I’m an optimist; my faith has taught me to believe in the impossible and I do just that!”

As a guest blogger for C. Rose hopes to grow as a writer and develop a following of both city and country girls, such as herself, who lives life off the wall.

Are you interested in submitting a story or becoming a blogger here at NikkiPanache.Com? Please send us an email


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