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Blue Ivy Appearance Takes Twitter


The beauty in having and growing a family surmounts all other human abilities. So when people go out of their way to disrespect someone’s family, celebrity or not, its a direct hit to their very own integrity and life-long purpose. What exactly are you here for?!

Here’s the picture of both Beyonce and baby Blue Ivy that has taken over your twitter TL. May it not rule the day!


PREMIERE! Beyoncé – Best Thing I Never Had [Video]

Comment & let us know what you think!

Who Owned It? Beyoncé’s Run The World (GIRLS!) Choreography Battle

Beyoncé done started something…as usual!

Following the highly anticipated release of the video for Who Run the World (Girls!), the lead single from her fourth studio album, 4, YouTube has been on FIRE with people creating choreography to the “Girl Power” inspired dance track (reminiscent of the Single Ladies dance craze from a couple summers ago).

Though I think Beyonce & Co. did a brilliant job with the original choreography, these guys and gals are serving up a side of fierceness all their own! Watch the choreography from the actual video, then watch the other two and VOTE to let us know WHO OWNED IT!

First up is the sequence created by Beyoncé’s team of choreographers, which includes Frank Gatson, Laum, Jeffrey Page, Sheryl Murakami, with help from the Tofo Tofo dancers of Mozambique, South Africa.


The choreography of Dmitry Cherkozyanov (short clip, but dude WERKS. IT. OUT!)


The choreography of Sean Bankhead

Also, check out this video of the Tofo Tofo dancers. Bey first learned of them through YouTube & reached out to them for their help with choreography for the video. The dancers and these very same moves can be spotted alongside Bey in the opening dance sequence of the Run the World video!

Welp! That’s my workout for the day! LOL

Have an idea of anyone who should have been included in the battle? Have video of you own choreography? Let us know!

Love the Pumps, B!–Why Don’t You Love Me Video

Having been an enthusiastic shoblogger for Heels.Com, I had to address the shoe situation in this video as a NikkiPanache breakdown. Beyonce is wearing a purple high heel, looks about 4.75-5.5 inches or so with a built-in platform in the front. I think I found them …

Christian Louboutin Purple Pumps in Suede … These are so freakin’ hot. It has been said that turquoise is the color for the season, but I’ll pass for these purple with red soles minus the suede.

Shoes are available on Ioffer.Com which I know nothing about. I’m not sure how legit sells are on this site since this is the first time I’m hearing about them. So caveat.

Furthermore, I love the vintage, floral bathing suit. But instead of finding a match, I found you girlies an alternative. Well, what do you think? The rainbow really isn’t risky. The panels grow in width, from top to bottom, to highlight or even give your bust area a larger appearance. “Huh?”… try it out. You’ll see what I mean. This swimsuit is priced: recession proof.


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