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Recap of @CharlotteStyle 25 Most Stylish Event

Long time no see, eh? I know, I know. I’ve been out gallivanting, living life and working on the business. Even so, I’ve been managing to get out and mingle a bit. First, off I wanted to recap Charlotte Style Mag’s 25 Most Stylish where they honor 25 Most Stylish in business and entertainment in Charlotte. This year’s event was held at Suite which is located in the Epicenter of Uptown Charlotte.

Katie McKeiver was the red carpet correspondent, and lots of people showed up in the best attire. The running theme, of the crowd, was brightly colored dresses, suits, separates, and lots of bow ties. I even spotted a woody (a wooden bow tie) which was nicely adorn by Keith (of Silverfly).

Other special guests included artists Sunshine Anderson and Special Ed.

Special thanks to JSW Media and Charlotte Style Mag for media access!

Me and @JSMacks (IG) Singer/Bandmember

Me and @JSMacks (IG) Singer/Bandmember

Model Jennifer Michelle wears custom, handmade bow tie.

Model Jennifer Michelle wears custom, handmade bow tie.

Simone of @honeebeegifts (Twitter)

Simone of @honeebeegifts (Twitter)

Keith and Fidel

Keith and Fidel

Custom suit designer

Custom suit designer

Todd, Rob, Rita, The Clothier

Todd, Rob, Rita, The Clothier

@keithcradle @chuckholliday

@keithcradle @chuckholliday

"Hey ... Mister ... DJ"

“Hey … Mister … DJ”

@jtmichellemtam @youarenowonQ (Twitter)

@jtmichellemtam @youarenowonQ (Twitter)

@nikkipanache @jtmichellemtam



The 12 Days of Christmas with The Female Haberdasher’s Bow Ties

On second thought, inundating you guys’ inboxes with bow ties would be a bit bunch. But I’ve been tweeting my 12 Days of Christmas Bow Tie Special. Here’s an update.

On the 1st Day of Christmas, I designed the Southern Gent which was inspired by my southern influence.

The Southern Gent

On the 2nd day of Christmas, I designed Winter because Charlotte looks nothing like a Winter Wonderland and, I needed to see snow. In this tie, there is abstract snowflakes pattern. So much for Christmas in NJ. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen.

seasonal bow tie

On the 3rd Day of Christmas, the nation mourned a tragedy. We lost 27 people in Newtown, Connecticut. Mostly precious children. I didn’t post at all. Yet I designed the Purple Heart for all the brave souls we learned about that day.


On the 4th Day of Christmas, I attended #asummitchristmas (find these wild tweets by using tgis hashtag) which was coordinated and hosted by Carolina alumni. It was the BEST party I attended all year. And I attended a lot of parties this year so … There were over 70 people at this house party. Homemade liquor, food, hookahs … a party. And folks sported their tacky sweaters. This could’ve been my tacky bow tie. I instead left this at home and went in a sparkly gold tunic, leopard black print/black jeans, and gold heels. Oh and a blazer. Just in case you were wondering. Anyway see my Tacky Sweater Bow Tie. Ain’t it a beauty?


On the 5th Day of Christmas, I designed a custom black and red bow tie for a client in Atl. It’s a reversible made with canvas and taffeta. It’s so hot. Watch how I tied it here.



On the 6th Day of Christmas, I’m not going to lie to you, I was negotiating deals with another bow tie designer. And I went fabric shopping. The store was still out of my herringbone. So annoyed. But a few fellas had been inquiring about bow ties I had on-hand especially The Modern Outdoorsman. Truth be told, I have a sample that I will not sell. But I decided to put this tie up for rent. No new bow tie design here. Just a popular piece put up for rental.


On the 7th Day of Christmas, I went fabric shopping for more Christmas–themed colors. And my ATL client wanted a matching pocket square. The Female Haberdasher received more hits online, emails, and so forth about more custom bow ties. I’m on crunch time. And when you’re the only one picking out fabric, sewing bow ties, marketing, advertising, and so forth, it gets too be a bit much when the orders roll in. I’ve been managing. But I need so help!! But anyway, here’s the pocketsquare and bow tie set together.

bowtie/pocketsquare match

On the 8th Day of Christmas, I designed a custom bow tie that hasn’t been revealed because it’s for an event tonight. So I hate to keep you in suspense, but check back tomorrow. This bow tie has four different lapels! Talk about complicated. But it’s dope! Here’s a single style pattern of it. Christmas Polka dots with a strip of red down the middle.


On the 9th day of Christmas, I found myself  back at the post office in a long line. And believe me, I’m grateful.  I’m thrilled that people are loving my bow tie designs.

Furthermore, I did more fabric shopping and thought to myself that another reversible is in order. So I’ve put a few different patterns together. All poly fabric. Will post this bow tie tomorrow, between fabric shopping and the postal office errands, of course. I gotta get these bow ties shipped before the holidays. That’s how much I appreciate my customers. More tomorrow, so tune in then for more pictures and more designs.

And for your custom-design bow tie, check out The Female Haberdasher online shope OR email me at:

The Southern Gent Bow Tie| 1st Day of Christmas Special

The Southern Gent Bow Tie


Sweet Tea. Honey. Lemonade. Vintage wear and patio living. These are a few images that come to mind as I pour all over The Southern Gent. As you can tell from The Modern Outdoorsman, I’m truly inspired by my southern -sphere and enjoy some elements of country! And this beautiful bow tie striped in navy, rose, cream, and green says, “C’mon ovah and have a look.” Here’s the first of twelve limited-edition bow ties for TFH 12 Days of Christmas!

Well, whadd’ya think? Lend me your feedback on the comments section below. And if you have inquiries, please direct them to my mailbox– I can’t wait to reveal the others.

“This oughta be fun.”


 Photo, copy, and video credits: Nikki Panache Inc.

@FemaleHaberdash Presents the 12/12/12 Bow Tie Deal

Candy Stripe Bow TieThe Female Haberdasher celebrates 12 Days of Christmas with 12 limited-edition bow ties starting today, the 12th and ending 24th of December.

Each day, for 12 days, The Female Haberdasher will present a handmade bow tie for men/women on this blog, twitter, and on TFH Bow Tie shop. In these posts, expect videos, tutorials, neat banners, pictures and more surrounding the “limited-edition bow tie of the day.” And the BEST thing about these bow ties are … oh you just gotta watch the video to find out. 

By the way, this candy stripe bow tie to the left isn’t one of them. However, if you’re interested in owning this item, you may email me:


Bow Tie Thursday | Meet The Modern Outdoorsman

This week, I, The Female Haberdasher created–The Modern Outdoorsman–a bow tie made of herringbone, tweed and duck fabrics. So proud of its look and feel, I just had to share.

You might ask, “What makes The Modern Outdoorsman so special?”

Well here are THREE reasons as to why The Modern Outdoorsman is so darn special!

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Women Wear Bow Ties


I’ve been asked repeatedly about women wearing bow ties. “How do you wear it?” Answering this question varies from female-to-female. For me, I like to play up my more girly, feminine side. I love lots of color and floral patterns.

Below, I styled together one of The Female Haberdasher floral bow ties–“Lucie“–with a gray shirt that has a bit of a collar, a black Banana Republic Blazer and Levi’s boyfriend cut jeans. The shoes: Franco Sarto Mary Jane.

This is my casual look for a day about town. Tell me what you think.

For more information on ordering The Female Haberdasher’s bow ties, see online shopping site. Email for other inquiries:


Chuck Bass’ Suited For CountrySide


I’m geeked that one of my favorite shows–Gossip Girl–landed season 6. Now that Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) rescued and revived his father Bart Bass from a fake death and a host of other scandals, we can all witness Chuck revert back to his more natural role–the ruthless, scheming, bad boy of the Upper East Side. I’m sure there are others. But he’s the only one who counts.

Last night, Chuck was headedu to the countryside for some “horsing around” … I meant horseback riding. In style, Chuck was “spotted” wearing a pink checkered shirt, pink flower lapel andddddd (drum roll please), A LIME GREEN BOWTIE!

Chuck Bass denotes dapper every time he hits the scene. Never a miss.

Check out his wardrobe. And don’t forget to check out my online bow tie shop.


The Bow Tie Shop by The Female Haberdasher


Morning, my people. I have great news. I’ve recently opened my online etsy bow tie shop labeled The Bow Tie Shop by The Female Haberdasher and wanted to share such a milestone with my lovely followers.

For the past few months, I’ve been designing bow ties that have a certain avant-garde flair. And they’re becoming an IT item for bow tie connoisseurs who follow me on social media outlets, from CLT to NY, CA, and across seas.

All the bow ties that I–The Female Haberdasher— design are handmade out of handpicked fabrics including that of cotton, silk, polyester and more. I shop local for my fabrics, so they’re one-of-kind and difficult to find.

I–The Female Haberdasher–will continue to add more styles each week. So there’s something cool and new that should keep you talking and coming back for more.

Well, without further adieu, here’s the link to my online shop. There’s a reserved spot for custom bow ties if you’re looking for something a bit more individualized.

You may also use Request button found in the left margin for other bow tie design requests.

Want to share the link? Copy and paste it. Your love and support is always greatly appreciated.

Xo, PanachERS. Enjoy The Female Haberdasher online bow tie shop!

Churchy Neckwear

Hi, readers!! Here’s another bow tie from one of my client’s collection. It’s a beautiful, bespoke black and gold bow tie.

This bow tie is perfect for work as it can be paired with an all black suit and or black collar shirt.

It’s Sunday, so this would’ve been perfect for the pew and pulpit. “Churchhhh!”

Whatever you’re into, however you wear your bow tie, BoldTies bow ties are suitable for most settings due to its versatility.


For more information on how you can get your very own bespoke bow tie from BoldTies, email me at

NikkiPanache Introduces BOLDTies

From the runway to my inner circle, men and women are rocking bow ties, transforming the ordinary to extraordinaire!

Emerging from the Old Word to contemporary fashion, bow ties are no longer solely worn by doctors, lawyers, accountants and engineers. Though bow ties still give off an air of sophistication and intellect, they are donned by individuals across professions.

At one time, I associated the bow tie with older gentlemen who were raised in an earlier time, think post Civil War. But having seen men and women wear them to social events and neighborhood bars, I see that bow ties are making a comeback that’s a bit more casual and fun.

So why not have a bow tie that you can wear at work and at play? That pays homage to our forefathers and represent pioneers of today? That can be worn in business meetings and to cocktail parties?

In an effort to break a traditional mold of bow ties that you usually find in department stores, I’m introducing BOLDTies, an online bow tie boutique, where individuals can find bolder patterns and more daring colors. BOLDTies that highlight any casual and or business attire. These BOLDTies are for the daring accountant who heads straight to happy hour for a martini … or for the writer who’s vying for a promotion. These self-tie bow ties are ostentatious in design, insinuating smarts and personality.

Here’s a glimpse of one of my most recent designs, a four-way tie, that has been added to the boutique today. It was designed to represent versatility and adeptness. In bringing this bow tie to life, I envisioned it being worn in all seriousness by an executive, an assistant, or intern who is working to climb new heights in the office and on the social scene. And that’s why I call it “The Politician.” Find this bow tie at here.



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