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Painter Hans Petersen — Charlotte Fine Art Show

Barbara, wife of Painter Hans Petersen, informed me that her husband is a retired architect which I feel is indicative in his painting here. Do you see the shapes? It’s like an abstract blueprint, in my opinion. What do you think? I took this picture with my iPhone, by the way.


Artist Michael Alfano–Charlotte Fine Arts Show

I love art. Can’t you tell? And how conveient it is for me to blog on just that for this week. Mid-week, last week, I found Artist Michael Alfano as well as the other aforementioned visual artists in front of the Bank of America building showing off their artwork.

As I examined Alfano’s artwork, I immediately thought ‘balance, harmony, and peace.’ His elements exemplified all three, especially in relationships, platonic or romantic. You be the judge. But what about the face that is invisible but has eyes, nose, and lips? Two persons make this visage. What do you think that piece means? What does it mean to you? Can you spot it in the slideshow below?

“If art doesn’t speak to you … don’t buy it.” But if it does, it becomes the gift that keeps on giving.

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Sculpted ‘African Nouveau’ Video–Woodrow Nash

When I saw these fantastic sculptures at the Charlotte Fine Arts Exhibition I was in total awe. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Here is a slow panning video of Nash’s artwork, ceramic sculpted ‘African Noveau’ bodies, from the torso up. The last female, wearing the turquoise earrings, is my absolute favorite. Contact Woodrow Nash.


David Jennings Perspective–Charlotte Fine Arts Exhibition

Ever seen a face in clouds? Remember the man on the moon? These are common examples of perspective, when an image appears to be there but isn’t truly there. It’s an image whose appearance is more dependent upon your perspective. Dictionary.Com defines perspective as: “the state of existing in space before the eye.” Photographers use this technique all too well when creating images just behind the viewfinder. “What you see is what you get,” is the first lesson rookie photographers learn that is applied here.

At the Charlotte Fine Arts Exhibition, this past Saturday, I enjoyed Photographer David Jenning’s perspective. Can you see the face? This all about timing. At a specific time, the sun, heightened at a certain point in the sky, projected a shadow onto this rock, so that you can see the intended perspective, a side profile of a face. Photographers are great visual artists, as evident here.

You know what? This would be a wonderful piece for a study or office. Mount this image and provoke yourself to think outside of the box. Print only $30.

Here, take a look.

View photograph below for more information on David Jennings.

Thanks, David, for letting me take photos of your awesome work. See you around.


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