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Breezy on my InstaTimeline–How To Be Sexy After a Long Night

The infamously sexy, notoriously great performer/singer Breezy posted a beautiful pic of himself this morning. I had to post. #instaENAMORED

Looks like he had a long night! This is the perfect picture to jumpstart my weekend. #InstaMood

Chris Breezy #fuckyopictures (instagram handle)



E-40 “FUNCTION” Remix Video

Here at we just received word that one of my favorite West Coast Bangers, E-40’s Function, has wrapped up a video shoot for the remix featuring Chris Brown, Young Jeezy, Problem, French Montana & Red Café (with a cameo from others including Big Sean). The original was all west coasters E-40 featuring YG, Problem, and IamSu so I’m excited to hear the different styles these east coasters/ southerners brought together on this new track. Check out pics to preview the video below:

Photo Credit LB Courtesy of ECHOING SOUNDZ

Chris Brown’s Latest Outburst

Tuesday, March 22nd was the release date for Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E. album. I woke up to New Yorkers on my timeline tweeting about how packed Times Square was because of a Chris Brown appearance. He was signing autographs and preparing to go on Good Morning America. Now I’m not a Chris Brown fan at all (anti-domestic violence is an issue very near and dear to my heart) but I can respect his art and his attempt at change, UNTIL…

Reports of Chris Brown throwing a tantrum on the set of Good Morning America flooded in. Apparently while being interviewed by Robin Roberts, he was visibly upset at questions pertaining to the Rihanna incident. So upset he stormed off after one performance before finishing another one, ripped his shirt off, broke a glass window, and stared down a segment producer – all in some clear sneakers with wings.

After the incident he tweeted, “I’m so over people bringing this past sh*t up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bullsh*t.” The tweet was quickly deleted and replaced with, “”All my fans!!! This album is for you and only you!!! I’m so tired of everyone else!! Honestly!! I love team breezy!!” All this brings up interesting questions – Is Chris Brown being discriminated by the same media that forgives actors like Charlie Sheen? Or is this all an act to get attention? Is Chris Brown perhaps pulling a so-called Charlie Sheen? These questions and more were discussed on The View roundtable.

At first TMZ stated ABC called the cops but the latest report is that ABC will not press charges. So once again Chris Brown gets away with his childish, violent tantrums.

In my opinion, an unforgivable beating, an unstable breakdown at the BET awards, and now destroying property all loudly scream that Breezy still needs help and rehabilitation. And what exactly did the Chris Brown camp pull to keep his relationship with ABC in tact, preserving his appearance on Dancing With Stars, and avoid more charges? Whatever it is sooner or later he needs to face the consequences of his actions. Now let me go lay low before all the young Team Breezy fans come after me.

Celebrities Loving the New Hair Trend–Coloring

As the seasons change so does everyone’s hair style and/or hair color it seems, whether your bored with your old winter look or want something edgy for spring break. Last time I was in the hair salon, everyone had a reason to want to change their current hair color. My friends and I checked out a local Sally’s and learned about the many options to hair color that needs to be decided upon.
1. How much color do you want to add? Options include if you want to only enhance your color, add highlights, or completely change your current color. For instance, a rinse can add a little color to your whole head or you can follow Lady Gaga’s example and only change a section of your hair.
Lady Gaga posted a picture of her bangs dyed black on Twitter

2. How dramatic of an effect are you going for? If you decide you want to completely change your natural hair color drastically (i.e. bleach it blond or dye it black) it is a good idea to try on wigs first to see the results since such the process is so damaging to hair to and so difficult to remove. But it may be well worth it if you’re like Chris Brown and want an image change.
Chris Brown also posted a Twitpic of his new blond hair

3. How will the chemicals affect your hair? Make sure to find out if the type or procedure you want works well with your type of hair, especially if you are already using chemicals such as a perm or relaxer. (Unless you’re going for the bald Amber Rose look)
Amber Rose With Hair and Without

4. Will you do it yourself or at a salon? More difficult jobs should be done at a salon you have researched and seen results from. Even simple jobs you want to do yourself can use a professional consultation before your dying your first time.


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