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Chocolate Melts and Cobra Heart [Hot Yoga Experience]

I agreed to attend hot yoga at Gotta Yoga (Univ), a free class my fellow wellwisher–@TheyCallMeSash found at Charlotte on the Cheap. It was a 9 ‘o clock class which is kind of early for us partygoers.

And after a long night of partying, I don’t believe I was in any shape to heat up these flimsy muscles in yoga. But to my surprise I was able to keep up, balancing and nailing every pose.

Sasha also did well and looked great in her eclectic pants. Our instructor admired them over the speaker, “those are some groovy pants.” The class agreed with onlooking smiles.

I, on the other hand, wore sweat pants to yoga class. This might seem strange, but I was looking to drop a few extra lbs., water weight, in this very heated class. I believe I did! “It’s all in the mind.”

Furthermore, I enjoyed it greatly so. With Vinyasa, I was able to focus on the here and now, be in the moment, center my spirit, and purge the less-than-perfect things I have/had going on in life. “Peace. Acceptance. Now forward.”

In the spirit of blogging–Sasha and I snapped photos of each other striking poses in class. “Chocolate Melts and Cobra Heart!” You’ll see just what I mean in the pics below. 👈






Summer Exercise Tips

Summer is the time of year where people exercise and are generally outside more often. People run, play sports or maybe just take a walk in heat that can be life threatening. We have to realize summer is in full swing and temperatures are rising. Around most of the nation the average temperature is in the 90’s. Moreover, some cities are seeing quite a few 100 degree days this summer. Since I am included in the group that loves to be outside in the heat, I wanted to share some tips about exercising in the heat.

Tip #1 When exercising in extreme heat, take breaks. Our body is built to resist heat in the summer and cold in the winter. However, extreme heat can cause our body to overheat and shut down. Warning signs are feeling dizzy or a headache in the heat. This is how our body tells us to stop, take a break from whatever activity we are doing. We are not superman/superwoman; sometimes our body needs a breather. I would recommend at least carrying a couple of 20 oz bottles of water for every couple hours someone spends outside.  A good rule is after 15 or 20 minutes of being out of extreme heat is to drink something and replace the fluids our body releases from sweating.

Tip # 2 Stay hydrated. I would recommend at least carrying a couple of 20 oz bottles of water for every couple hours someone spends outside.  A good rule is after 15 or 20 minutes of being out of extreme heat is to drink something and replace the fluids our body releases from sweating. Dehydration can cause all sorts of problems, including our body shutting down. When we are thirsty out in the heat we would be wise to quench that thirst.

Tip #3 Helpful supplies. We can take different items to make playing sports or exercising in the heat a more enjoyable experience. Personally, I always carry a towel with me to wipe sweat from around my body as I am exercising. Some people will use a head band or sweatband to serve the same purpose. A visor is also something nice to have to keep the sun out of a person’s eyes. A great deal of other items can also be helpful. We have to choose the supplies we find the most helpful.

These tips will help anyone to have a safe time exercising this summer. In addition, I hope everyone does the most important thing, which is to have fun.

Getting in Shape for Summer

Well it is about that time of year where everyone has the same idea. The idea that most people have at this time of year is to work hard for a couple of months to get in shape by summer. I hear it from all my friends and family. The quote is “Well it’s almost spring time; let me get in the gym so I can have that summer body.” I will dispel a myth right now by saying if people wait until the spring to start working out and expect six pack abs for summer that will not happen. On the other hand, if someone wants to be in better shape or maybe tone up by the summer, then I have some tips that can help. Below are some good rules to follow to improve health and help with weight loss.

Tip #1: Better Health is a Lifestyle Change. The first thing I always tell people is better health and getting in shape requires a change in how they live. If someone is working out to lose weight without committing to changes in how often they workout, what they eat or drink, and even sometimes how much rest they get, they will fail. When our focus is something such as to fit into a dress or lose 50 pounds the same dedication and motivation is not equivalent to being focused on changing our lifestyle. This is because when a person reaches an obstacle, they need motivation to overcome that obstacle. A lifestyle change provides the extra motivation someone needs to reach deeper within themselves when the going “gets tough” so to speak. We are able to push ourselves to the level needed to achieve the best results.

Tip #2: Stop Drinking Soda. Soda has been popular as a refreshment for some time. Families will sit down for a meal or just for a snack and have a soda as the drink choice. Sodas are filled with sugar and contribute to weight gain. Most sodas have on average 40 grams of sugar contained inside. Some candies do not even contain that much sugar. Even if the calories do not seem like a lot, the sugar within soda will ultimately turn into fat. By cutting out regular soda drinking, a person can lose a significant amount of weight, sometimes 15 pounds a year. A good suggestion is to find a healthy alternative to soda.

Tip # 3: Cardio, Cardio, Cardio. This may seem like simple rule but it is a great rule to follow. The more running, the more active sports, and the more cardio exercises a person does the easier a person can tone their body. Cardio helps to burn calories and keep a person’s weight down. Good cardio exercise can burn 750 to 1000 calories easy in an hour. Cardio is a great way to ensure that we keep our weight down and live a healthier lifestyle

Tip # 4: Leave Diet Pills Alone. This is more of a warning, than a tip. I have tried quite a few diet pills before I started working out and I never lost a pound. Many of the diet pills are not even approved by the FDA, which means they are not required to work and could even be dangerous to take. When I took diet pills, all they did was make me feel bad physically or induce extreme nervousness. The side effects ended up being much worse than the desired weight loss results. I was feeling so bad that I could not even workout on a regular basis. I tried all the major ones and my conclusion is that there is no quick fix to weight loss. The best way to lose weight is good exercise, eating right and plenty of rest.

These tips will help anyone live a better and more healthy life. In addition, if someone is looking is looking for a little help to get healthy, these simple rules are essential to achieve that goal. Summer is just around the corner so the time to start some changes is now. All it takes is some minor adjustments to achieve that summer body we all desire.

Websites resources for getting in shape:

FAD–Retro Bicycles, Retro Bodies

This particular post is inspired by a colleague and ‘Happy Appy’-Cassandra Farley. She brought a beautiful,  pink 1950s retro bicycle and expressed it as her new toy on Facebook. And I thought … DING. This could be a new stylish, exercising fad for women. Yep, I called it first. Let’s get retro bikes, so we can recover our retro bodies, the best in high school. (hmmm …)

It’s time to get focused on getting extra toned for the summer.

A friend once advised me to brainstorm different athletic body types, pick one to model after, and began training as that athlete. Have you seen bikers? Of course you have; and they’re lean and tone. Just think. Your body could look similar to that if you began  biking 30-45 min, 3x a week. Don’t forget strengthening with free weights (more reps, less weight)  and eating lean meats, fruits, and veggies.

Presto, Change-O! Watch your body change before your eyes, and you’ll look just cutsie ‘cycling ’round town in your classy bike. Granted P90X is for everyone; sometimes the X is too eXtreme for me. ‘I bout worn myself out this morning. A little less intense, please.’ I don’t know about you, but I’m getting me a bike.

You’ve just been affected by the Retro Bicycles, Retro Bodies FAD.

Here’s a picture similar to her bike, found at Target.

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