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Beauty Tastes So Good at Pamper Parlor: A Fashion Forward Update!

How Fabulous!! I was invited to the Pamper Parlor, hosted by Flawless Make Up Art’s Joy Randall and Jameka Whitten (JSW Media). All of what and WHO are fashionably forward and trendy are in attendance here, at the Residences of Southpark. The ambiance is superb as I’m surrounded with a bird’s eye veiw of shopping frenzies who are in search of good deals, good conversation, and a glimpse of upcoming seasonal trends, powered by Charlotte’s Style Week.

Furthermore, as serendipity will call it to be, Attorney/Writer C.M. Whitener sat next to me as I wrote this blog … another beautiful sister who is brainy and whose knowledge and style seems to come out in her curly natural hair. She’s pretty dope too. I enjoyed her energy and substance. You may check out her site:

Stephanie Glover of Meet the Fresh is here sporting her “Virtuous Woman in Training” t-shirt designed by T.Strong “The Style Mavin.” A pretty, pink baby tee with Proverbs 31 listed just below the logo.

Welp, that’s all for now, I must go schmooze with the good people of Charlotte and sample Ezikiel Cheney’s Walnut & Cranberry salad. I hear it’s tasty and healthy! 🙂

“Don’t miss the next Pamper Parlor … a deliciously well-dressed event”

My "AFTER" Shot thanks to "Pamper Parlor"!

In the picture above, I sampled the following products at the Pamper Parlor. Just enough pop for a Sunday afternoon.

-“Blush” lipstick by Prima Donna


Celebrate Beautiful People of Charlotte–August 11

Find Your Secret Treasure at

The “Beautiful People” Part Deux

An Evening of Sparkle, Glitz and Glam

The “beautiful people” of the Queen City who enjoy all things fashionable, stylish and overwhelmingly fabulous are cordially invited to join The Family Conglomerate (TFC) for The Beautiful People: Part Deux at George’s Brasserie, located at 4620 Piedmont Row Drive in South Charlotte on Thursday, August 11, 2011 from 6 p.m.-10 p.m.

This luxurious affair will provide guests with a treasure chest of offerings-literally. This year’s theme is all about jewels and jewel tones. The evening will include a cocktail hour for networking, a spectacular fashion show and all kinds of hidden treasures for all. Attendees will be pampered with hand and foot massages, a Jeweled Nail Bar by Siditty Kitty Boutique, A Sparkly Lip Gloss Bar by Impact Cosmetics, and plenty of photo opportunities. The night will event feature an Oyster and Pearl Dig, where guests will be able to purchase oysters individually for charity and one lucky winner will find the pearl. A portion of proceeds will benefit The Red Pump Project -Charlotte and its fight against HIV/AIDS.

The first Beautiful People event set the city’s fashion industry on fire, and in that same grand tradition, this year’s highly anticipated soiree will serve as the premiere fashion-forward event of the summer; hosted by media personality T. Strong, this will be where all the gorgeous citizens of Charlotte gather to see and be seen.

“We are so looking forward to having all of the beautiful people in one place again, and giving them something phenomenal to get all dolled up for,” explains Joy Randall, owner of Flawless Makeup Art and TFC partner.

Only the most trendsetter fashion and style industry professionals have come together to bring Charlotte another extraordinary explosion of fashionable elegance and creativity. The trailblazing participants include designer Tara Davis (Flow by Tara Davis), Effie Loukas (Lotus Boutique), Akiyla McIwain (Queen Cleopatra), Elizabeth Cannon (Bella Originals), Joey Hewell (J Studio), Stanley Owings (Impact Cosmetics), Kianna Baskerville (Siditty Kitty Nail Boutique), M2 Salon, Lavish Hair Spa. The beautiful George’s Brasserie will provide the backdrop for the “hautest” event of the season. The Beautiful People is the brainchild of the event’s producers Joy Randall (Flawless Makeup Art), T. Strong (Style Mayvin), Johnatha Camp (Eventions by J Camp) and Ezekiel Cheney (Zeek & Company), collectively known as the TFC- The Family Conglomerate.

“I am super excited about this year’s event because our fab four team has dreamed up something even bigger than last year,” says T. Strong. “We are happy to give all the ‘Beautiful People’ of the QC yet another fabulous event experience.”

Tickets are on sale at Be sure to purchase tickets now, this event will sell out. For media inquiries and interview requests, email or call 704.261.5290. For general inquiries call 704.975.9526.

Media Contact
Jameka Whitten

Flawless Coverage by Joy Randall courtesy of Meet the Fresh

It’s Monday, and Celeb MUA Joy Randall teaches you how to give yourself a flawless coverage with the use of foundation. In the words of Randall herself: “application is everything.” And she’s right. With the correct strokes and right amount of makeup your skin can look flawless!

Furthermore, when I’m preparing for a night out, I use concealer to highlight my eyes. I apply this on first. If you try it at home, you should look like a raccoon. (chuckles) Then apply I apply powder foundation using circular strokes, making sure I look even all over. And ‘ta-dahhh’ that’s my personal flawless coverage; it doesn’t take too much to look smoking HOT. Using concealer and highlighting techniques takes years off, ladies.

When preparing for work, happy hour, or a night out, use some of these tips to create that flawless look!

Happy Monday, All! Here’s the video, courtesy of Meet the Fresh:


Discover new make up at Bill & Coo Cosmetics Boutique. B&C provides designer make up like MAC as well exclusives. Check out the site for something new and fitting for you today.

Razzle Dazzle Eyeshadow–Black Dress Approved

Celebrity Make Up Artist Joy Randall really knows how to ‘werk’ a holiday RAZZLE DAZZLE eyeshadow and make it pop especially when paired with a black dress. We know it’s a recession and women or either spicing up a classic black dress or purchasing on a budget. And no matter what you choose to put on, we want to make YOU the LIFE of the PARTY.

Here is a 3-step that’ll get your holiday started on the right track–Razzle Dazzle, Ladies!

First, apply a dark green eyeshadow from your lower to about mid eye with a flat brush (similar to a foundation brush). In this case, Joy uses a dark green pigment by MAC. Smooth it from the inner to outer corners. Check out this MAC Golden Olive.

Tip: “Because it is pigment in a jar, you can apply it anywhere from lids to lips.”


Golden Olive

Second, use Fix Plus spray to apply MAC Antique Gold to make it sparkle, continuing with the flat brush. Apply the shadow from lower to mid eye.



FB Video Link

Antique Gold

Finally, to finish your look, line lower lid with liquid black liner. Try MAC Fluidline.




MAC Fluidline

And the finished product should look as FAB as this!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For bookings or more information on Celebrity Make Up Artist Joy Randall, click here.

Take a Look–Celebrity Make Up Artist Joy Randall– Singer Fantasia’s Visage Artiste

Nikkipanache.Com took a closer look at Joy Randall‘s inspiration and lit path to Celebrity Make Up Artist–“Visage Artiste.”  Her elaborate resume in entertainment, from freelancing to VH1’s Fantasia For Real, has catapulted her into the world of celebrity, and we cannot wait to see what else she accomplishes! Here we are one-on-one with Joy Randall,  a piece written by Hope Rivers.


“Make-up is an essential part of what you’re looking at on a daily basis.” Joy Randall


NP: Complete the following sentence: Flawless Make-up Art is …

JR: A business about Make-Up Artistry

NP: Flawless Make-up Art is a fairly new venture (2yrs) and you have already arrived at the new and well deserved title of “Celebrity Make-up Artist.” You have worked with Fantasia as well as major networks and publications such as MTV, VH1 and People magazine. As the visionary behind the Flawless brand what are your thoughts on sudden success?

JR: Success is just all in perception. I found that my ideas of success have changed through my experiences. And a lot of what the general public thinks success is….someone can be just as happy having a family and healthy children as they can be being a celebrity make-up artist or a celebrity stylist or being a celebrity, period. You have no idea what people really go through on all levels.  Everybody just wants a piece of mind at the end of the day, and you just never know what people are going through. So just don’t take what you see on TV or hear on the radio for face value.

NP: Have you found yourself setting new goals quicker than you thought you would have to?

JR: No. I find that life has a way of doing what it does. And so you can set all the goals you want. We all have goals. We all have things we strive to do and that we want to do but God has to be first. And God is going to teach you lessons and lead the way….period. You can have a complete road that you want to walk and God can take you straight up to the right. I still have things I want to do of course, but I know that God has put me in specific places for specific reasons. So I honestly try not to set the goals as much anymore just pray to God that he will lead me to where I need to go.

NP: In another 2 years where do you expect the Flawless brand to be?

JR: I expect it to be more visible in this industry. Flawless is about a network for make-up artists. It’s not about working for a company it’s not about what companies I’ve worked for … Freelance make-up artists, that’s what we do. We do our artistry for a business. In terms of the networks that are coming here such as BET and VH1- corporate type gigs-  I want them to know that this is a resource for hiring freelance make-up artists.

NP: You have worked for impactful cosmetic companies that shape the way we think about make up including MAC, L’Oreal, and Cover Girl and yet you still made a conscious decision to work for yourself.  What factors led you to the creation of Flawless Make-up Art?

JR: There is one definite reason, and it’s because I want to do make-up and I don’t want to sell it per say… I have always wanted to be a genuine person. I never wanted to sell somebody 3 and 4 products because I needed to get my sales up. But if I can identify and ask you some questions to figure out what you really want and to sell you something that you are actually looking for … that’s the person that I am.

NP: What fashion quote do you live by?

JR: “Confidence is your best cosmetic.” You can put on all the make-up in the world or all the clothes in the world if you don’t feel it from the inside…you know- its just not going to sell.


Joy Randall makes product recommendations and lends tips/tricks for make up application!

Seasonal Make-up Trends.
Getting into Fall, the colors are getting darker. The cat eye. I don’t do as much color on the eyes any more.
Products you recommend.
I’m a MAC baby. Love there cosmetics. Black opal has a great foundation.
How do you create a flawless look?
Blending is the key no such thing as bad make-up its bad application.
What products do well under lighting for TV shows?
Tips and Tricks?
Moisturize your skin. Have a cleansing regimen. Big on eye primer. Always start with it its designed for the top of the eye and can last up to 14 hours.
Faves: make-up lines, lipstick item, foundation?
Black Opal- Foundation, Viva glam five by MAC.and Freckle Tone By MAC
Any brand concept you have identified with.
Impact cosmetics is a faith based product line sold on his story and reasoning behind it.
What’s the best beauty tip you have to offer?
It’s gonna sound cheesy but seriously. Kay, let me now say it like that. You should want to change your self. The things you like about yourself change. But the things you can’t change, embrace them. Its about confidence. It really is.

Preview of Celebrity Make Up Artist Joy Randall Interview–Get the Look with Rihanna–Halloween Costume Idea

Fashion/Community Blogger Hope Rivers has so much in store for you this upcoming week. Next up … interview with Celebrity Make Up Artist Joy Randall who glamorize Fantasia’s pretty on VH1 show Fantasia For Real. I absolutely love her make up and hair. In this interview, Rivers will explore the ventures of becoming a celebrity make up artist as well as tips and tricks to stage make up for all you ladies who like showcase your pretty while out on the town.

Halloween is coming up; that’s not an order to dress up in ghoulish attire and makeup. Use this opportunity as a chance to dress up as your favorite superstar in concert gear. I didn’t do accessories for a reason, so post yours!

Here’s what I was thinking … GET THE LOOK —Rihanna. Yep; I’m a huge fan. And I just cut my hair. Perfect.

Make Up Tips/Tricks

Make Up Rundown- On a clean face … moisturize, primer, concealer, cream to powder/powder foundation, eyeliner -both lids, concealer on lips for nude look (add gloss for shine), define brows with dark brown liner, peach/bronze blush, RED NAILS.

Recommended Product: MAC Fluidline

Costume Rendition




My favorite, all-time fashionista … Yea it’s short span but whatever!



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